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Mipsy in her most powerful form.

Mipsy is a Blue Acara and one of the team members in NeoQuest II. She is the wizard of the group and the first character to join Rohane in chapter 1.

Plot summary[edit]

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Mipsy is found in the other side of White River City after Rohane defeats Zombom. She has the lowest HP of the group but can dish out the most damage.


Every time a character levels up they get one skill point to spend on skills. A characters stops levelling up at level 60 and each skill maxes out with 15 skill points. The more skill points spent in a certain skill, the more effective that skill is. A player may choose to max out 4 different skills with 15 points each, or may spread their skill points over more skills.

Direct Damage

A casting spell that allows Mipsy to damage a single opponent. When it is maxed out, and when Mipsy is at least level 23, this skill can do up to 100 damage. This is one of the most popular skills in the game.

Group Direct Damage

This is like Direct Damage, except here Mipsy can cause damage to all opponents. When it is maxed out, and when Mipsy is at least level 23, this skill can do up to 64 damage per monster. Unfortunately, Mipsy takes about twice as long to recover from using this skill than from using Direct Damage.

Group Haste

A casting spell that hastes (quickens, thus causing more turns) all members of your party. At it's max, it will haste all party members by 38%. This is a quite popular choice for skills, but it usually isn't considered as important as the Damage skills.


Mipsy casts this spell on one enemy, slowing it, so it has less turns. At it's max, it will slow the enemy by 62%. This is often considered Mipsy's worst skill, and is not commonly used.

Damage Shields

When this is cast, an enemy that attacks any of your party using a melee attack will take some damage.

Innate Melee Defence

Decreases the amount of damage that melee attacks do to Mipsy. This is commonly recommended.

Innate Casting Haste

Mipsy has less of a delay between turns when casting spells. Since Mipsy usually casts a lot of spells, this is a very popular skill.

Victory Quotes[edit]

Mipsy occasionally has a victory shout to say after winning a battle.

  • I wish I didn't have to wear these stupid shoes.
  • Do we really have time for this?
  • The next time something bites me, it's going to get set on fire!


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