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Bye-Gon Jinx

Bye-Gon Jinx was a member of The Neopets Team. He was featured in both the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery and Sacrificers, where he carried a light sabre both times. He also participated in the Krawk Island Cup.

Plot summaries[edit]


Main article: Sacrificers

Bye-Gon Jinx was the tenth staff member to be sacrificed: although he fought off his Coco attacker with his light sabre, he fell to a thrown spear in the dark.

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Main article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

Bye-Gon Jinx discovered the third victim, Bubbles, in the dining room in the second week. Although he tried to call for paramedics, he discovered that the phone line had been cut. He himself would be killed in week eight, discovered by Dave Scorcheski and Jimmy James in the swimming pool, cleaved in two with his light sabre embedded in the ceiling. The next week, his old light sabre was used to kill J. Boogie.

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