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Adam J. Powell (also known as Number Six and borovan, and born December 20, 1976 in Wales) is the co-founder of Neopets, who launched the website with Donna Williams on November 15, 1999, starting from an idea they had in 1997 while sitting in a dingy little computer room, possibly while eating kebabs or pizza. On September 27, 2008, he and Donna Williams got married after being friends for 12 years.

Prior to founding Neopets, he was involved in Shout! Advertising, a UK-based advertising company which operated the third largest click-through program on the Internet by mid-1999. He also founded Powlex in March 1997, which designed and sold online banner advertising, and Netmagic in July 1999, which focused on web page design.

In 2007, Adam and Donna founded Meteorgames.

Powell is mentioned in the hall of fame at his secondary school, Collingwood College, although he had a self-described "spectacular failure at university." He is also claimed to be a former member of MENSA with an IQ of 174.

Powell has two cats called Sarah and Chani, his family has four cats called Oscar, Daisy, Bill and Ben.

On Neopets[edit]

Adam's Neopets account is borovan, a name taken from a late-80s sketch on British Saturday morning TV featuring the comedians Trevor and Simon. In this account, he owned five Neopets at one time, one more than users are otherwise allowed. He now has only four.. Originally, it was by matching the on-hand Neopoint total with this account and visiting the About Us page that users received the Number Six Avatar which shows off the top of his head - the About Us page now shows the value of a specific kilogram of Asparagus "[a]ccording to current market trends" instead.

References to Adam's craving for Asparagus exist throughout Neopets. If users type "asparagus" on the Neopets search engine, Adam will show up and say, "You can't have it, it's all MINE!", and also appears and says a variation of this when users click on parts of certain games. In Whack-A-Staff-Member, typing "a5paragu5" enlarges the size of the mallet. Also, 4 out of 5 of his Neopets are Asparagus Chias (the 5th a Red Bori, usually in a "sad" pose), and all users Neopets become Asparagus Chia on Adam's birthday (may have only been one year).

Adam's nickname Number Six is taken from the 60s show The Prisoner, and is used to signify him when participating in plots or certain items (such as the Number Six Plushie, an Advent Calendar prize on December 20th, 2004).

Adam occasionally visits the PinkPT forum to interact with users and keep tabs on how they view new features, listen to suggestions on how to improve the website, and sometimes share features before they are released.

Plot Summaries[edit]


Main Article: Sacrificers

On September 29, 2000, #6 was voted to be sacrificed to Mumbo Pango, ironically the 6th victim to be chosen. He was tied to a circular wooden board and thrown down the river. As he floated down the river, Pop Tart covered her eyes so she couldn't watch, Tiger Catcher happily waved goodbye and Bye-Gon Jinx watched silently in disbelief. The river ended in a waterfall, which #6 went over screaming as he plunged to his death.

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Main Article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery
Number Six during the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.

Number Six arrived at the ski lodge sometime after February 2, 2001, and on February 7, was asked if the murderers name began with the letter M before there was even a murderer, baffling him. After the death of Cookie February 20, he was asked the next day if he was worried about being the 6th victim as he was in the past, and said it was coincidence, and was very sure there would be no more murders.

On May 24, 2001 (Week 16), Number Six was captured by Maverick and dropped to his death, the last victim.

The Krawk Island Cup[edit]

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Return of Dr. Sloth Staff Tournament[edit]

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Adam Wishlist 2006.gif
  • On December 20, 2006, it was revealed by TheDailyNeopets Adam Powell made a wish list for Crowdstorm as a Web Entrepreneur. It was quoted as saying...

    Adam is the founder of the "cute" virtual pet site Neopets. After selling the site in 2006, he returned from Los Angeles to the UK and is currently bored and looking for new ventures to invest in.

    His wishlist included the following items and descriptions...
    • VANS 340049 Classic Slip On LX Shoes
      • My current ones are falling to bits.
    • Nintendo Wii
      • So my dominance at Mario Party can continue.
    • Star Wars Lego Display Cabinet
      • Virtual ice cream tastes better than the real thing!
    • Socks and Pants
      • You can never have too many. No novelty ones. Just plain.
    • A new Knee Ligament
      • Preferably not at the bottom of my stocking though as that would be gross!
  • In Caption Contest 230, his account Borovan entered saying "My name is Adam, and if you don't vote for me I'll freeze your account."

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