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A customised Aisha.

Neopet Customisation is a program which allows users to customise the look of their Neopets with clothing, backgrounds, and accessories. It was available for beta-testing by Premium users from 18 April 2007 and non-Premium users from the 20 April. Beta-testing closed on 24 April and it was rolled out over everyone's Neopets on the 27 April with the release of the Neopets 2.0 overhaul.

The ability to customise how Neopets appear with different clothing and outfits was described by The Neopets Team as "hands down, the most requested feature over the last 8 years". In order to achieve this, images for all species and colours were reimplemented as Flash files, as were images of clothing. The Flash files for different customisable items and the correct species and colour combination could then be imported into one image. This required every colour of every Neopet to be redrawn so that different colours of Neopet had similar poses - this way, an item only had to be drawn once for each species in order to be applied to any colour variant. A few colours - Mutant, Baby, Maraquan, and fruit and vegetable Chias - may not be able to wear most clothing items because of how different their body shapes are.

An unconverted (left) and converted (right) Grey Kougra. Both images were newly drawn for the update.

For some species-colour combinations, these redraws were considered very radical and owners of these Neopets were given the choice to not convert to the new poses (the art was still updated, but retaining the old design). Unconverted Neopets cannot wear clothes, but can have customised backgrounds and scenery. Most species-colour combinations were not given this option: TNT explained they did not wish to maintain two systems any more than necessary.

Some clothing items may be bought for Neopoints and others for Neocash - still others may be given only by a certain paint brush colour (e.g. Royal). The ability to wear clothes was not applied retro-actively to all clothes items.

Customisation Spotlight[edit]

The Customisation Spotlight competition begins every Monday. Neopets can be entered in to the competition and then rated by players. There is both a Neopoint-only and a Neocash competition. The highest scoring entrants each week earn a trophy for their Neopet Look-up, and are mentioned in the weekend's New Features update.

Neopets entered into the Spotlight that are wearing four or more items may appear on the front page of the site as a Notable Neopet.

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