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ID # 587
World Tyrannia
Category Action
High Scores
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Pterattack is a shoot 'em up Flash game. As a Pteri, players fly through the canyons of Tyrannia shooting down enemy Pterodactyls.

It was featured in the Daily Dare competitions in 2007, 2010, and again 2011 as part of the NC Retro Challenge. It was also featured in Games Master Challenge in 2009 and 2010.

The game was originally released on 16 May 2001. A new version of the game with updated graphics was released on 29 September 2005.

How to play[edit]

The Pteri must help protect Tyrannia from the Pterodactyls.

The player controls a Pteri, flying along a canyon in Tyrannia. The Pteri is always flying forwards, but can be move left and right, forward and back with the arrow keys. The player can fire their weapon by pressing the space bar.

Evil Pterodactyls fly the other way down the canyon. The player earns five points for every Pterodactyl they shoot down. As the game goes on, more Pterodactyls will appear of different colours, and they will take more shots to kill. If a Pterodactyl hits the player's Pteri, they will lose a life. They start with three lives, and earn an extra life at 500, 1,500, 3,000, and 5,000 points.

Every so often, a Grarrl will appear on the screen from behind. It will run up the canyon and trample any huts it runs into. If the player flies too close to its mouth, it will bite them. It cannot be killed, but every shot the player lands on it will earn ten points.

There are four different types of weapons in the game. Players change weapon by flying over a power-up dropped by a defeated Pterodactyl. Each weapon can be upgraded three times by collecting the same type of power-up again. Collecting a different type of power-up will replace the Pteri's current weapon, and it will start again from the most basic weapon rank. The player can only have two shots of the weapon on screen at a time - this can slow down how fast the player can fire, especially if they miss an enemy. Higher ranks over every weapon do more damage than lower ranks, and can defeat later game enemies in fewer shots.

The blue power-up is called PterShot. This is the weapon that the player starts the game with. It fires short, narrow beams. Each time it is upgraded, it fires faster beams.

The red power-up is called FireBall. The first rank shoots a round orb in front of the Pteri. The next rank fires two orbs in a 'V' formation. The third rank fires three orbs in a 'W' formation, and the fourth rank fires three waves in a 'W' formation. The highest rank of FireBall covers the largest area of the screen.

The green power-up is called PterPod. The first rank fires to either side and straight ahead each time. Only one of these shots can be on the screen at a time, instead of two. When one shot disappears off the screen - including to the left or right - the player can fire again. The second rank fires two shots in a 'V' formation, and the third fires faster. The final rank fires a short beam in front of the player that reaches about a third of the screen. The advantage of this rank is that the player does not have to wait as long for a missed shot to disappear before they can fire again.

The purple power-up is called PterBoom. The first rank shoots a boomrang-shaped projectile at a slight angle to the left. The second rank fires two boomrangs in a 'V' shape. They fire at a faster rate at rank three, and at rank four, the projectiles are much larger.

Original game[edit]

Ctp 63.gif
ID # 63
World Tyrannia
Category Action
Replacement Pterattack
High Scores
Game Page

The first version of Pterattack was released in conjunction with the release of the Pteri on 16 May 2001.

The original release had several bugs. Players originally couldn't submit their scores properly - this was fixed in a new update on 1 June, which also added a new gun and the Grarrl enemy. A scoring error was fixed on 8 June 2001, and the high score table had to be wiped. Another scoring error was resolved on 11 June, and the high score table was wiped again. A firing bug was fixed on 22 December 2001.


  • The font used in this game is called Forte.

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