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This Games Master Challenge featured the rivalry between pirates and ninjas.

The seventh annual Games Master Challenge began on November 19, 2012 and concluded on November 26, 2012. Each day users were given several Games Room related challenges by Aristotle A. Avinroo to complete.

As in Games Master Challenge 2011, this year's challenged featured a competition between two teams players could join. This year, they were pirates versus ninjas. Players could either join Team Pirate, led by Captain Three Legs, or Team Ninja, led by the Techo Master. At the end of the event, the team which had completed the most challenges won.

The challenges issued to each user changed depending on which team they joined. The challenges for Team Pirate focused more on action and adventure games, while the challenges for Team Ninja focused more on puzzle and strategy games. In the NC Mall, Lulu returned to raid bedrooms for Neocash wearables - this time, the rooms of Captain Three Legs and the Techo Master.


In order to participate, users first had to join a team. As a reward for joining a team, users were given an exclusive sign up bonus including 100 NC and a wearable based on the corresponding team that they chose.

Captain Three Legs and Team Pirates
Ye should be joinin' Team Pirate! We've got the strength to defend our homeland from the Krawken, the determination to rebuild our island and the creativity to be givin' it a lovely makeover, as well as the athletic prowess to bring home the Altador Cup! Plus, The Golden Dubloon be servin' the finest meals in all the land! clo_gmc_cutlass_pirate.gif
Pirate Cutlass
The Techo Master and Team Ninja
Team Ninja's the team for you! We are wise beyond our years, and through tireless training have perfected the art of being swift and deadly. If you are prepared to learn the way of the master, then joining us is a must - especially since our finely tailored apparel is far superior to the rags of those slovenly swashbucklers... clo_gmc_sword_ninja.gif
Shirasaya Sword


Day 1: November 20, 2012[edit]

Random Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Five Faves

  • Add five different qualifying games to your Favourites List.
My Favourite Things
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Loosen Your Belt...

Ninja: Some Assembly Required...

Rainbow Jelly Chomby

Day 2: November 21, 2012[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Chute To the Top!

Ninja: A Towering Achievement...

How Not to Topple
Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Stumped Yet?

Turmac Roll Garland

Day 3: November 22, 2012[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Bounce To The Top!

Ninja: Bounce To The Top!

Jelly Blumaroo Jelly
Timed Challenge Prize

Pirate: Hit The Beach!

Ninja: Anti-Gravity Propulsion

Zurroball Grundo Plushie
Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Don't Get Swamped!


Day 4: November 23, 2012[edit]

Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Think Outside The Box!

Dark Faerie Cloud Racer Helmet
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Don't Lose Your Cool!

Igloo Ice Cream Cone
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Keep On Swinging!

Ninja: It Takes A Thief...

How to Survive

Day 5: November 24, 2012[edit]

Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Take Your Best Shot!

Bullseye Fascinator
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Now You See Them, Now You Don't...

Ninja: It Takes A Thief...

Ready, Set, Aim!
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Get The Best Of Those Pests!

Ninja: In Neopia, The Cooties Get You!

Petpetpet Poison Slushie
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Sandans Rock!

Angry Bori Foreman Action Figure

Day 6: November 25, 2012[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Rock & Roll

Ninja: Take The Plunge!

Recycled Metal Projects
Random Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Qualifying Quintet

  • Send scores for five different qualifying games from your Favourites List.
Pile of Snack Foods
Timed Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Flee Outbreak

Neovia Potion
Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Pad Your Stats...

Unique Pond Rocks Foreground

Day 7: November 26, 2012[edit]

Mystery Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Give It A Snot!

Snot Frame
Random Challenge Prize

Pirate: Get In The Action!

  • Send a score for 5 different qualifying top 10 action games.

Ninja: How Puzzling...

  • Send a score for 5 different qualifying top 10 puzzle games.
The Popularity Book
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: In Space, No One Can Hear You Play...

Space Fashions
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate: Sailin' Sidekicks

Ninja: It's A Snap!

Unfair Seesaw Toy
Game Challenge Prize

Pirate & Ninja: Four Scores and 56 To Go...

  • Send a score in 60 different qualifying games.
Not Enough Sleep Wig

Qualifying games[edit]

Only games from the following list could be played as part of the challenges:

Neocash activity[edit]

During this event, users could join Lulu's Masterful Plundering, where Lulu raided her cousins' bedrooms for exclusive Neocash wearable prizes.

Each day, Lulu and the player could find two prizes, one in Aristotle's room and one in Abigail's. In order to raid one of the bedrooms, players had to purchase the key to the room from the NC Mall for 700 NC. There were two keys to buy - one for each of the rooms - and buying one of the keys allowed the player to earn all the wearables from that room for the entire event.

Activating the keys awarded the player a bonus background wearable.

Date Captain Three Legs' Quarters The Techo Master's Abode
mall_80x80_captain3legsticket.gif mall_80x80_techoticket.gif
Captain Threelegs Room Key Techo Master Room Key
Activating key mall_bg_captainthreelegs.gif mall_bg_techomaster.gif
Captain Threelegs Quarters Background Techo Masters Abode Background
19 November mall_clo_shirtknots.gif mall_acc_ninjastarwig.gif
Pirate Knots Shirt Ninja Star Wig
20 November mall_bg_buriedtreasure.gif mall_bg_shadowninjaattack.gif
Island of Buried Treasure Background Ninja Shadow Attack
21 November mall_acc_shiphatwig.gif mall_clo_ninjadress.gif
Ship Hat and Wig Elaborate Ninja Dress
22 November mall_hh_shipanchorstaff.gif mall_trink_smokebombfg.gif
Set Anchor Staff Timely Smoke Bomb
23 November mall_trink_compassbackground.gif mall_bg_trainingequipment.gif
Oversized Compass Training Equipment Background
24 November mall_acc_piratestubble.gif mall_trink_swordrackgar.gif
Fetching Pirate Stubble Sword Collection Garland
25 November mall_trink_surroundedbyswords.gif mall_hh_techomastercanesword.gif
Surrounded by Swords Foreground Techo Master Cane Sword
26 November mall_hh_stuffedpawkeet.gif mall_acc_ninjaspike.gif
Giant Oversized Pawkeet Plushie Spiked Ninja Bracers

The Techo Master Cane Sword NC item looked a lot like the Shirasaya Sword Neopoint item. Because of this, The Neopets Team gave out an additional prize to people who had activated the Techo Master's key:

Tranquil Meditation Tree


Release day Team Brains Team Brawn
sta_gmc_threevstechm.gif gif_gmc_sign_victory.gif gif_gmc_sign_defeat.gif
Threelegs vs. Techo Master Stamp Victory Sign Defeat Sign

At the end of the event, players were awarded a certain trophy depending on how many challenges they had completed and which team they played for. A different item was awarded at each prize tier. Players received the item for their tier and all the tiers they had passed.

Players who completed all the challenges also received a Threelegs vs. Techo Master Stamp. By the end of the event, Team Ninja had earned more points than Team Pirate. All members of Team Ninja were rewarded with a Victory Sign, while all members of Team Pirate received a Defeat Sign as a consolation prize.

Team Pirate Team Ninja Tier prize
Gmc trophy1 pirate.gif Gmc trophy1 ninja.gif shf_gmc_bento_pirate.gif
Complete 1 challenge Pirate Bento
Gmc trophy2 pirate.gif Gmc trophy2 ninja.gif boo_gmc_piratesvsninjas.gif
Complete 5 challenges Pirates vs. Ninjas: The Novel
Gmc trophy3 pirate.gif Gmc trophy3 ninja.gif bd_gmc_cutlass_throwing.gif
Complete 10 challenges Throwing Cutlass
Gmc trophy4 pirate.gif Gmc trophy4 ninja.gif gif_gmc_ultimatebat_gar.gif
Complete 15 challenges Ultimate Battle Garland
Gmc trophy5 pirate.gif Gmc trophy5 ninja.gif clo_gmc_wig_warrior.gif
Complete 23 challenges Warrior Wig

Bonus prizes[edit]

After completing a challenge once, users could complete the same challenge up to four more times to earn points for their team. Every time a user completed one of these Bonus Plays, they were rewarded with one item randomly selected from the below list:

Behind the scenes[edit]

The theme for this challenge plays on both the internet meme of pirates versus ninjas as well as there being two rivalling training schools on Mystery Island and Krawk Island - the Mystery Island Training School and the Swashbuckling Academy.

The titles of the challenges also referenced other works:

  • It Takes a Thief... is part of a proverb about catching thieves. It is also the name of of two TV series, one beginning in 1968 and one beginning in 2005.
  • Now You See Them, Now You Don't... refers to the title of a 1972 film, Now You See Him.
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Play... is a play on the tagline for the 1979 film Alien, "In space, no one can hear you scream."
  • Four Scores and 56 To Go... is is a play on the phrase "four score and seven years ago", from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

The Neopets Team reported that complaints about the trophies they received this year led them to make one set of trophies silver and the other set gold in the following year's challenge.


Day seven's challenges originally all required a score of 5 to complete, rather than the scores they actually asked for.

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