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2011's competition pit Brains against Brawn.

The sixth annual instalment of the Games Master Challenge began on November 21, 2011 and ended on November 30, 2011.

As in previous years, Aristotle A. Avinroo challenged players to complete Games Room-related tasks each day of the event. However, the format of the challenge was different this year: there were two teams, Brains and Brawn, competing with each other to see who could complete more challenges. Players could choose which of the teams to join.

The two teams received some different challenges to each other: Team Brains, led by AAA, received more puzzle and strategy game challenges, while Team Brawn, led by Abigail, received more action and adventure game challenges. This was the first time Abigail had featured in the Games Master Challenge events.


In order to participate in this event, users were required to join one of the below listed teams. As a reward for joining a team, users were given an exclusive signup bonus item corresponding to the team that they choose.

Aristotle and Team Brains
Oh good! You can help me prove my brilliance - I mean, our brilliance. Intelligence is really underrated these days, especially by certain people. Let's trounce them utterly, shall we? gif_gmc_brainswoodsign.gif
Root for Brains Wooden Sign
Abigail and Team Brawn
Oh brother. AAA is all fired up about this brains vs. brawn thing. I just want to play some games. Since my brother won't listen to reason, let's beat him just to prove how lame he is. gif_gmc_brawnwoodsign.gif
Root for Brawn Wooden Sign


Some of the challenges released each day were the same for both teams. For others, players received a different challenge depending on what team they were on, but would earn the same prize as members of the other team.

Day 1: November 22, 2011[edit]

Random Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Picking Favourites is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Add three different qualifying games to your Favourites List.
Box of Mismatched Game Pieces
Game Challenge Prize

Brains: Match Wits with Kikos

Brawn: Need... More... Usukis!!!

Broken Hourglass

Day 2: November 23, 2011[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Brains: It's snowing! Get the Catapults

Brawn: Just Keep Flying, Just Keep Flying

Dual Duels Part Deux
Mystery Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Altador Calls for Your Aid!

Potted Cypress Tree

Day 3: November 24, 2011[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: The Battlefield Awaits Your Legend

Have Fun! Card
Mystery Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Did Someone Call for a Stampede?

  • Send a score of 18024 in Kookia.
Winged Kookith
Timed Challenge Prize

Brains: Our Princess is Not in the Castle

Brawn: Careful, That Last Step is a Doozy

Mists of Shenkuu

Day 4: November 25, 2011[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Brains: Picnic with the Meepits

Brawn: Count Your Neggs Before They Hatch

Negg Juice
Game Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Scraps from the Table

100 Jelly Recipes
Mystery Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Ketchup and Mustard, BFF!

Hero Hot Dog

Day 5: November 26, 2011[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Brains: Water you Waiting for? It's Snow Time

Brawn: A Whole Mess of Petpets

Soiled Mop and Bucket
Game Challenge Prize

Brains: This Device is Programmed to Respond, Arf!

Brawn: Robbin' the Rich

Robot Sandan Plushie
Game Challenge Prize

Brains: A Gem in the Hand is Worth Two in the Sand

Brawn: May the Best Petpet Win

Chasing Tombs: A Story
Game Challenge Prize

Brains: Breaking New Ground

Brawn: Easy as Rolling off a Log

Gem Roll-Ups

Day 6: November 27, 2011[edit]

Timed Challenge Prize

Brains: Break the Mould

Brawn: Victory is Written in the Stars

The Day Defence Was Lost
Random Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Easy as Gaseous Moonpie

  • Send scores for 3 different qualifying games from your Favourites List.
My Favourite Grundo Plushie
Game Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: Sloth Won't See This Coming!

Black Eye Makeup (Oww, A Rock Hit Me!)
Game Challenge Prize

Brains: Double Trouble... in Space!

Brawn: Galactic Juggling Act

Fuzzle and Moon Mobile

Day 7: November 28, 2011[edit]

Game Challenge Prize

Brains: We're Just Bubbling Along

Brawn: Faerie, Faerie... Hasee? You're it!

Hasee in a Bubble Racer
Random Challenge Prize

Brains: Hope You're Not Afraid of Heights

  • Send a score for 3 different qualifying games from Shenkuu.

Brawn: No Time for Cold Feet

Snow Covered Lantern Garland
Random Challenge Prize

Brains: Puzzle Master

  • Send a score for 3 different qualifying puzzle games.

Brawn: Action Hero

  • Send a score for 3 different qualifying action games.
Puzzling Actions: A Story of Action Puzzle Games
Random Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: When the Going Gets Tough

  • Send a score for 3 different qualifying games with a difficulty of 4.0 or higher.
8-Bit Staff
Game Challenge Prize

Brains & Brawn: I Knew I Should Have Started Earlier

  • Send a score in 60 different qualifying games.
Dazed and Confused Glasses

Qualifying games[edit]

Only games from the following list could be played as part of the challenges:

Neocash activity[edit]

During this event, users could join Lulu's Room Raid, where Lulu raided her cousins' bedrooms for exclusive Neocash wearable prizes.

Each day, Lulu and the player could find two prizes, one in Aristotle's room and one in Abigail's. In order to raid one of the bedrooms, players had to purchase the key to the room from the NC Mall for 700 NC. There were two keys to buy - one for each of the rooms - and buying one of the keys allowed the player to earn all the wearables from that room for the entire event.

Activating the keys awarded the player a bonus background wearable.

Date AAA's Room Abigail's Room
mall_gmc_aaakey.gif mall_gmc_abigailkey.gif
Lulus Room Raid: AAA Room Key Lulus Room Raid: Abigail Room Key
Activating key mall_gmc_aaaroombg.gif mall_gmc_abigailroombg.gif
AAAs Room Background Abigails Room Background
22 November mall_gmc_gmcape.gif mall_gmc_galacticwig.gif
Games Master Cape Handmade Galactic Costume Wig
23 November mall_gmc_gaminghelmet.gif mall_gmc_usukihh.gif
Gaming Helmet Soft Magical Hair Usuki Plushie
24 November mall_gmc_petingamebg.gif mall_gmc_fieldofdaisiesbg.gif
Hannah and the Ice Caves Background Rainbow Field of Daisies Background
25 November mall_gmc_neocolatrinket.gif mall_gmc_tennisdress.gif
Handy Neocola Serving Machine Sporty Tennis Dress
26 November mall_gmc_abigaildiary.gif mall_gmc_artgarland.gif
Abigails Custom Drawn Dreamy Hanso Diary Artwork Display Garland
27 November mall_gmc_gamingblankie.gif mall_gmc_glitterstarfp.gif
Extra Special Gaming Blankie Stars and Glitter Face Paint
28 November mall_gmc_gamingstaff.gif mall_gmc_booktrinket.gif
Gamers Costume Staff Open Book of Tales


Release day Team Brains Team Brawn
sta_gmc_grainvbrawn.gif gif_gmc_brainvbrawnframe.gif clo_gmc_paperconehat.gif
Brains vs. Brawn Stamp Brains vs. Brawn Frame Fabulous Paper Cone Hat

At the end of the event, players were awarded a certain trophy depending on how many challenges they had completed and which team they played for. A different item was awarded at each prize tier. Players received the item for their tier and all the tiers they had passed - e.g. a player who had completed five challenges would receive the second tier trophy, as well as Brain & Brawn - Working Together and Super Food Platter.

Players who completed all 23 challenges on the day of release received an additional prize, the Brains vs. Brawn Stamp. Players for Team Brains, who earned more points in total than Team Brawn, received a Brains vs. Brawn Frame, while members of the losing team, Team Brawn, received a Fabulous Paper Cone Hat.

Team Brains Team Brawn Tier prize
Gmc trophy1 brains.gif Gmc trophy1 brawn.gif foo_gmc_superfoodplatter.gif
Complete 1 challenge Super Food Platter
Gmc trophy2 brains.gif Gmc trophy2 brawn.gif boo_gmc_brainbrawnworktog.gif
Complete 5 challenges Brain & Brawn - Working Together
Gmc trophy3 brains.gif Gmc trophy3 brawn.gif bd_gmc_quillsword.gif
Complete 10 challenges Quill Sword
Gmc trophy4 brains.gif Gmc trophy4 brawn.gif toy_gmc_pompoms.gif
Complete 15 challenges Cheering Pom Poms
Gmc trophy5 brains.gif Gmc trophy5 brawn.gif gif_gmc_fg_weightythinking.gif
Complete 23 challenges Weighty Thinking Foreground

Bonus prizes[edit]

After completing a challenge once, users could repeat the same challenge up to four more times to earn points for their team. Every time a user finished one of these Bonus Plays, they were rewarded with one item randomly selected from the below list:

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