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Written by: teddymon

[insert introduction here] Last week of school for me, so I'm kinda in a non-working mode. :P


Just listing them off again...

Plastic Fir



Rawr! Snowager

Fiery Pteri

Scratchcard Wocky

Now wasn't that fun? ^_^

Pet Colours

Royal Usul (male and female versions)

Disco Flotsam

Pirate Jetsam

Robot Grarrl

Snow Bori

Ice Bruce (wonder if they'll be in as much trouble as the fruit Chias?) :P

Royal Bruce (again, both gender versions)

Snow Flotsam

Cloud Wocky

Faerie Wocky

Christmas Ixi


Another version of Grumpy Old King has been made. It's called Wise Old King, and...that's it about that. Another whole clue has been added to the Dinner puzzle!!! :o


Much more of the plot has been revealed, and there is battling galore. The Advent Calendar has been going well so far. Also, there have been many new additions to the Gallery of Evil and Gallery of Heroes.

I guess there wasn't as much as I thought... :P Just good, or else the Cheat Monster will get you!!!