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Member of the Week

Written by: Sock

Hi, and welcome to the exceptionally lame 4th issue MOTW interview! However, we’re re-introducing an old form of MOTW. You will have to guess which PPTer I have interviewed in this article, and PM it to me, Sock. The first person to correctly guess which PPTer it is will be interviewed in the next issue of PI. Remember - don’t tell anyone that you’ve guessed correctly or have been interviewed! If no one guesses correctly, I will choose the first person who guessed incorrectly or (if no one guessed) select the next interviewee myself.

So here goes the interview!

So, what rank are you?

Lemme check. XD Setting Up Shop.

How much are you on PPT usually?

I leave the window open all day but I usually look around for 3 or 4 hours in the evening.

Do you make graphics? ;3

Yes :D But I don't have a request thread :P

How old're you?


Do you like cheese? :K

Only cheddar. And parmesan smells terrible.

What are some of your, er, interesting interests?

Um... I have this weird obsession with thick shoelaces, and I love Strawberry Shortcake <3 (The TV show :P)

Have you ever played Werewolf? ;D

Surprisingly, no. o.o

And why NOT? :O

I... forgot? ^^;;

Sure, sure, nice excuse. :-P Anyway, do you want to say anything else to anyone that could help them guess who you are?


Now, hurry up and send in your votes. ;D