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Written by: Tinkerbell

This issue's most talked about game is of course the magnificent Igloo Garage Sale – The Game!

Being one of the most Christmassy action games around, Igloo Garage Sale is also among the most popular games played on Neopets. It's based on Mika's and Carassa's little Igloo Sale shop on the very top of Terror Mountain.

Mika and Carassa are trying to clean out their ever-so-full attic, and need your help. Using the arrow keys, move left and right to collect whatever Carassa throws down. Use the up key to jump up and collect the items if you wish. But be aware, if you drop 5 items during one round, it's game over! You also lose two points for every item you drop! But it's not all bad, dropping 0 items during 1 round will earn you bonus game points! Huzzah.

1 Point for collecting...that little pink oven thing I don't yet know the name of

2 Points for collecting a Striped Chia Pop

3 Points for an Umbrella

5 Points for a Shoyru Morphing Potion

10 Points for a Soft Rainbow Brush

50 Points for a 200 Dubloon Coin

If a bomb hits you, you'll only be stunned for a short amount of time. Catch a piano, and its game over.

The game gives off 75 Neopoints per 100 points scored, and it’s well worth playing. Try it for yourself!