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"You see everything in black and white, good and evil, right and wrong. It's not that simple, Brynn."

Xandra is a Speckled Xweetok scholar from the Haunted Woods in the plot The Faeries' Ruin. A protagonist at first, she was soon revealed as the plot's main antagonist, who was responsible for casting a petrification spell on King Altador, the Ogrin, Jazan, and most importantly, the Faeries in Faerieland, as well as the death of Hubrid Nox.

Plot summary[edit]

The Faeries' Ruin[edit]

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Protagonist (left) and antagonist (right).

Long ago, Xandra, a powerful witch and scholar, was brought up by the Faeries because of her magical potential. For years, she spent time studying with them in Faerieland. However, she wished they could be more involved in the affairs of Neopia using their great power. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Believing that the Faeries may be too arrogant for their own good, she plotted to rid Neopia of what she saw as "winged tyrants".

Some time later at her home in the Haunted Woods, her plan was on the verge of fruition, until a thief named Hanso stole some of her belongings. Disguising herself as Hubrid Nox, she managed to buy back the item she needed, a mirror-like artefact, in time for the Faerie Festival. Using a petrification spell, she had turned all of the Faeries into stone.

She pretended to help investigate the crisis when she was called upon by King Altador. During this time, she exposed Hanso as the one who stole some of her items, who in turn had sold one of them to "Nox". While the others were tracking down the real Nox, Xandra took him out while impersonating him.

Later, Xandra was captured by shadowy creatures that were later revealed to be side-effects of the petrification spell. She escaped from a cave with Hanso and Brynn, and together, they found a second artefact similar to the first one inside an old ruin, which was hoped to reverse the spell.

Instead, the two artefacts only augmented Xandra's powers, which she used to turn everyone (except for Hanso and Brynn) to stone. Without the Faeries' power, Faerieland crashed into the ground of Neopia as a fallen symbol of power. With her true motives revealed, Xandra vowed to lead her future supporters to rebuild Neopia with her as its new ruler. She offered Hanso and Brynn the opportunity to join her new regime; the latter flat-out refused, but the former seemingly accepted.

However, she is quickly betrayed when Hanso swipes one of the two artefact and dashes off with Brynn. Enraged, the witch called forth a giant Wraith to kill Brynn while she attacked Hanso. Before she could catch him however, the thief destroyed the small artefact, foiling her plan to rule Neopia, and turning her to stone. Still petrified, she is now in the care of Fyora.


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