The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile

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Gilly inside Meepit Oaks.

The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile is an asylum near Neovia in the Haunted Woods. It now lies in ruins, after it was abandoned many years ago by its small number of staff after a revolt by escaped prisoners, believed to be orchestrated by Mr. Krawley, the main antagonist of the The Tale of Woe plot.

Plot summary[edit]

The Tale of Woe[edit]

Inside the asylum.

Main article: The Tale of Woe

Gilly, after pursuing Mr. Krawley through numerous animated obstacles, was lead to the Sanitorium, where Krawley convinced her to enter. Inside, she found a magical flower that had survived without water or sunlight, which proved to be the key ingredient in Sophie's potion to restore Neovia's citizens.

The user had to explore Meepit Oaks and open the cell in which the asylum's Head Nurse's skeleton resided. There were several obstacles in their path, such as having to obtain several hidden keys and subdue a Zomutt that prevent passage down a corridor.

It was stalked by zombies - presumably what remains of the former inmates and workers - that may have been conjured up by Krawley.


The Sanitorium employed a large number of staff to cater for its inmates, however the majority of these - including Dr. Kirkbride, Dr. Heeler, and further nurses and orderlies - did not return from a visit to Neovia on Halloween. This left the asylum with a skeleton force of the janitor Miles and his Zomutt, the Head Nurse, and Dr. Valus.

These staff were joined by a Dr. Edward Alexander, supposedly from Neopia Central, to assist them with an elixir that subdued the residents. He was, in fact, Mr. Krawley, and left the asylum shortly after delivering the magical flower needed to restore Neovia. Soon after, the asylum inmates were liberated and Miles, Dr. Valus, and the Head Nurse died there.


  • The link to the Sanitorium was removed once the plot ended.