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Nurse Lucy's TCG card, taken from Neopets TCG Card list.

Lucy was a Red Acara, the head nurse in The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile. She had pink eyes, orange hair, and wore an old-fashioned nurse's hat, with a green cross on it. She was introduced in The Tale of Woe.

Plot summary[edit]

The Tale of Woe[edit]

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Nurse Lucy was working in the The Meepit Oaks Sanitorium for the Psychologically Fragile, with Dr. Valus, Miles (the janitor), and his pet Zomutt. She made an attempt at the anagram puzzle in the weekly newspaper. The next day, she becomes worried because none of the other staff had returned from Neovia that day, probably because they were under Mr. Krawley's curse. 8 days later, Dr. Valus returned from a trip to Neovia, reporting that all the town inhabitants had vanished into thin air. Miles had to help keep the insane Neopets that live in Meepit Oaks under control, and several times an inmate had almost broken free. The staff sent for help, and that night Dr. Edward Alexander came, who is believed to be Mr. Krawley. He gave the inmates a potion that calmed them, and Lucy seemed to be in love with both Dr. Alexander and Dr. Valus. Dr. Alexander gave her a magic flower, which in the future would serve as the main ingredient to cure the mutated townspeople. The next morning, Dr. Valus noticed the flower nurse Lucy had and asked her were she had gotten it. She told him it was from Dr. Alexander, and that made him jealous, distracting him from his work. While feeding one of the inmates, he was not paying attention and the inmate broke free of his restraints, although he claimed he did not cause it to escape. Dr. Alexander was nowhere to be seen. They all searched for him, Lucy fretting, but when they returned from their fruitless search they discovered that many more of the inmates had broken loose. Before they could escape, the inmates got them, and Lucy was thrown into a cell. Unable to escape the cell and still holding the flower, she died of hunger and thirst.

Nurse Lucy's skeleton.

Ten years later, Mr. Krawley led Gilly to the old Sanitorium, were she found the skeleton of Lucy, the unwilted flower Dr. Alexander gave her in her torn shirt pocket. Gilly takes it and Sophie reconizes it as the final ingredient to her potion to cure the townspeople.

Users had to get all five of Lucy's journal pages from the Sanitorium and read them. They also had to get a key from Doctor Valus' shirt pocket, and distract Miles' Zomutt before reaching the cell door, which TNT claims is covered in rust, they could grab the last piece of the journal entry.


  • Lucy's skeleton is one of the rotating footer images in the Tale of Woe site theme.

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