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Gilly is a young Usul girl who first stared in The Castle of Eliv Thade. Some time later, she appeared as one of the main characters in the plot, The Tale of Woe, for which she got a redesign.

In the Castle of Eliv Thade game, she is lost in the woods and accidentally stumbled into the castle seeking shelter, but is trapped when the iron door slams behind her. She must solve word puzzles and claim Thade's artifacts to put his spirit to rest and escape.

Plot summary[edit]

The Tale of Woe[edit]

Main Article: The Tale of Woe

Gilly was lost in the Haunted Woods (again) and came upon a travelling Gypsy Camp, where a pink Elephante gypsy told her The Legend of Neovia. The next morning, she found a path she went through before, and discovered Neovia. While walking through its streets, she found a burnt down house, and investigating it found a mysterious silver locket. Curious about it, Gilly went to the Deserted Fairgrounds to ask the carnival workers if they knew anything about it. The responses varied from worker to worker but she did not get any definitive information.

Returning to Neovia, she investigated a path into the woods that lead her to Sophie's shack. Gilly entered warily and asked if Sophie knew anything about the cursed town. Sophie, annoyed, merely said that there were a lot of myths associated with the Woods. When Gilly said that she had seen the city, and had a locket she was trying to investigate, Sophie snatched the charred relic and demanded Gilly to leave, lest she turn her into a stink beetle like she should have done to begin with.

Gilly ran from the house into the rain, and discovered a cave. Taking shelter in it, she was pursued by a monstrous, shadowy creature who she managed to trap using an assortment of broken furniture and some rotten food as bait. The muscular, disfigured Gelert rose from the trap and chased Gilly from the cave, and crashed through the woods after her to Sophie's shack. She pounded on Sophie's door, imploring for help, and when Sophie came out to send Gilly away, she suddenly recognised the beast as her brother: Bruno.

Bruno told his sister what had happened to him, and Sophie explained that Ilere took her to the shack and vanished, and that when she returned to Neovia a few days later, it was deserted. It remained deserted until Halloween, where it was bustling with spectral, unreal and strangely vacant forms the inhabitants. Every Halloween, they reappeared there. Sophie had worked ever since then on a cure, but to no avail.

Gilly realized that this must be the price the Spirit of Slumber executed for his services. Sophie and Bruno did not know this of the legend, and encouraged by Gilly, they went to find Ilere, in the hope that she knew more about the Spirit.

After travelling through the woods for some time and solving a Ghost Meepit lock puzzle, the trio entered Ilere's home and told her what they knew of Neovia's curse. Ilere claimed that the Spirit has great power and that they should abandon this mission before they got hurt. Bruno, enraged at this, ran at Ilere, who fought back with a blast of magic. Sophie separated the two with a spell of her own, and Bruno complained that with all Ilere's power she just sits back and does nothing about Neovia, and left Sophie to fend for herself.

Ilere admits that Sophie is stronger than she suspected, and tells Sophie what she knows of the Spirit, but suggests they seek out older denizens of the wood - those that have been there far longer than she, and would know more of him. They part with Ilere's wish to them that they, for their own sake, do not succeed.

Gilly suggests they do as Ilere mentioned, and seek out other habitants of the Woods. She suggests the Brain Tree, but Sophie refuses on account of a "bad experience" with him. When Gilly insists, she receives the brunt of a blast of magic. Bruno complains that Gilly is right, and Sophie had to overcome her grudge. However, when they talked to the Brain Tree, he said he needed to know when the Spirit died before he gave them his name. Gilly takes them to the Esophagor, to the protest of Sophie who had another "bad experience" with it, but the Esophagor requires the Spirits name to give a date of birth.

Gilly complains about the paradox, which prompts Sophie to mention that she can use a potion to identify the bones of the Spirit. When asked how they could know which grave to search, the answer is obvious: Bruno, Gilly and Sophie had to check every single grave in the Haunted Woods until they found a match. Gilly finally found the Spirit of Slumber's bone, but the headstone on the grave it came from was broken, so they could not find the name yet.

They decide that the best way to find the Spirit's name is to go to the Caretaker's house, look through the books storing the names and cross out everyone until they're left with one match. The Spirit's true name was Jubart Igig. Gilly comments that this could be an anagram of something, but then decided against it. This was probably a reference to her experiences in the Castle of Eliv Thade. Sophie slams the book shut, saying that the only way they can summon him is to have the Spirit inhabit their body. Bruno says he'll do it, for Gilly was too small. After some potion mixing and testing, the Spirit of Slumber inhabited Bruno's body and led the way to Neovia. Gilly says that she hoped that they don't run into any werelupes, and Sophie says that werelupes are quite rare around Neovia. On the way, Sophie stares at her necklace, and Gilly comments that it's very pretty.

After arriving at Neovia, Gilly adds that Sophie would have to introduce her to her mother one they cure the town. Sophie commented that this might not work, but Gilly objects, saying that she knows they will. The Spirit of Slumber undoes his spell, then leaves Bruno's body, leaving him weak.

Looking quite frazzled, Gilly tries to get Sophie's attention. Sophie turns around just in time to see that the townspeople, including her family, were mutating past there cursed forms into even more monstrous forms. Gilly yelled that the Spirit of Slumber only undid his spell, and not the potion. Horrified, Sophie bolted out of neovia, leaving Gilly with Bruno. They try to run, but were surrounded by the mutated Neovians.

Mayor Thumburt pointed to them and said that they were the ones to blame, and the Neovians attacked. Bruno then spots Mr. Krawley, at the edge of the mob. Seeing that he noticed him, Krawley ran. Bruno says he'll hold back the crowd, and Gilly runs ater him. While running, Krawley brings a couple of grave stones and then some trees to life, and Gilly defeated them with a shovel, probably left over from the grave digging.

Gilly finally catches up with Mr. Krawley and accuses him of selling the potions, then asking who he was, where Krawley revealed his name. He tells her that what she needs is inside of the building they where standing in front of, and Gilly objects him of lying, but Krawley tells her he led her to the house for a reason. Then zombies groaning for brains walk in to the courtyard, probably summoned to life by Mr. Kawley. He tells her that the way is becoming blocked. Wearily, Gilly goes inside. Meanwhile, Bruno is being attacked by the neovians, and Sophie, returning back to her shack, begins mixing up a potion.

Better Than You[edit]

Gilly has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: January 4, 2007 Ever since I helped Sophie to rid Neovia of that curse she's been letting me assist in the making of her stew. Well, at least occasionally, anyway... and only if I don't speak at all while doing so -- but still! I'm really good at it, so if you want to prove yourself to be a better assistant, then you're going to have a rough time!
Game: Sophie's Stew
Score: 600
Prize: Cauldron

Date: January 24, 2008 Hey, you remember when Bruno, Sophie, and I had to trek through the woods to find Ilere and had to deal with those ghost Meepits? If not, just bear with me please. Well, it seems I get a kick out of giving Meepits juice, but I just can't seem to reach my goal. Mind if I watch you play and learn some tricks to it? If you can hit my goal, I'll give you reward!
Game: Meepit Juice Break
Score: 5,800
Prize: Squeaky Meepit Toy

Date: October 30, 2014 I was on my way to visit Sophie -- she makes lovely tea, you know -- when I must have taken a wrong turn somehow. Clowns came out of nowhere and started throwing pies at me! It's really odd, but I think they might be robots...
Game: Carnival of Terror
Score: 780
Prize: Haunted Woods Archway

Random Event[edit]

Gilly is featured in the following Random Event:

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Gilly says, "Have I ever told you the Tale of Woe? It's ever so spooky. Come along..."
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