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Bruno's How to Draw final image

Bruno is a Blue Gelert introduced through the Neopets TCG Haunted Woods expansion on June 16, 2006, and appeared on Neopets itself on October 3, 2006 as part of the Tale of Woe plot, and later in the game Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway.

A citizen of Neovia, Bruno was once a handsome Gelert, but was mutated by a potion he bought from Mr. Krawley. Though monstrous in appearance, he has good heart. He is the son of Edmund and Alice, and siblings Sophie and Reginald.

Plot summary[edit]

The Tale of Woe[edit]

Young Bruno before taking the potion.
Main article: The Tale of Woe

After trying starting a conversation with Lily, which resulted in him being hit by Oscar, Bruno wished he could be stronger and fitter. After taking Mr. Krawley's potion his wish came true. He recommends this miracle potion to his family, whose wishes are also granted, and soon the entire town is purchasing potions from Mr Krawley.

However, the potion worked too well and the town's desires became horribly distorted. Bruno became a monstrous Gelert, and, not finding Mr. Krawley, the entire town held what had happened to them as Bruno's, and by extension, his family's, fault. While Bruno made a distraction, his brother Reginald took Sophie, one of the few who did not want the potion, to the forest to find her protection in the form of the Earth Faerie Ilere. Bruno was chased from the town, and the towns people called on The Spirit of Slumber to remove the curse, but to terrible consequences: they only appeared in the town on the night of Halloween, as spectral, unreacting forms of their former selves.

Ten years later, Gilly, when fleeing from Bruno's sister Sophie who had grown into a powerful swamp witch, entered Bruno's cave and set a trap for him, scared of the monstrous thing that stalked in the dark. Bruno joins Gilly and convinces Sophie to try and restore Neovia. After finding the name of the Spirit of Slumber in life, they call upon him and he undoes his spell on the Neovians. They return, however, in their monster forms.

After some trials, which included Bruno having to endure to some less-than-desirable side-effects of testing several potions, the correct reversing formula is prepared and given to the town in their water supply. Bruno, however, when he took the potion, did not revert back to his unaltered self: he had been under the effect of Mr. Krawley's concoction too long. Sophie was sad but Bruno said that he had gotten used to how he looked.

Better Than You[edit]

Bruno has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: February 12, 2015 I... uh... Help! There's an angry mob after meeeee! *flees into the Haunted Woods*
Game: Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway
Score: 5,000
Prize: Spectral Forest Bow


  • During the Random Theme of Sophie and Friends in the New Features on December 6, 2006, a drawing tutorial of Bruno was added, and the Advent Calendar animation showed an old Christmas gathering he and the rest of the family shared in Neovia before it was cursed.

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