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Mumbo Pango, to whom many members of the Neopets Staff were sacrificed.

Sacrificers was a plot which took placed between August 18, 2000 and November 10. It was a mock survival game revolving around The Neopets Team, who were voted off by users and then sacrificed one by one to Mumbo Pango until a single member remained.

Plot summary[edit]

Members of the The Neopets Team arrived on Mystery Island on August 18, allowing users to vote which one would be sacrificed first. On August 25, Monster Boy was chosen as the first victim, and tied up to a raft and presented to Mumbo Pango by an island native and the Island Mystic. The shadow of Mumbo Pango covered Monster Boy, and though his true fate is unknown, it's known he did not survive whatever happened. Soon afterwords, two more members of The Neopets Team (unknown which ones) were added to be voted upon.

Next week, Styrofoam Bob was chosen. Tied up next to the The Tiki Tack Man, Styrofoam Bob began to run to the boat on the other end of the dock, but was caught in the hand of Mumbo Pango. It's also unknown what happened to Styrofoam Bob, but he didn't survive either.

The week after, Cookie was the third victim to be sacrificed to Mumbo Pango, and was dropped off near a cliff where he chased and pushed her off to he death.

Zurvix: Poison gas. Starting at his death, a message would appear. "Good night, Zurvix Wombatslayer"

Paper Dragon: Burned at stake. "Burn, baby, burn"

Number 6: Drowned (we assume - Adam evidently wrote this, and Number Six floats down the river strapped to a wooden circle and off a waterfall; however he is not fixed to be 'dead')

Mr. Plaid: Catapulted to the sun and incinerated. "To the sun, Mr. Plaid."

Electric Blue Monkey was the 8th victim to be sacrificed to Mumbo Pango after trying to leave the island by boat. The boat disappeared under him as he jumped in, and he was chased down by a crocodile which was Mumbo Pango in disguise. Electric Blue Monkey was chased off the screen and screamed when Mumbo Pango caught up to him, either eaten of drowned (because of a bubbling sound of Electric Blue Monkey believed to be sinking in the water). "Your Electric Blue Monkey powers will not save you"

Dr. Monroe: Fed on by poisonous insects. "Dr. Monroe, prescribe this (Pango's hand writing is shown)

Bye-Gon Jinx: Speared in light sabre fight. He knocked Mango Pango against a lightbulb, and when the lights were out, was speared. "The Coconut Strikes Back",a direct reference to Star Wars.

Mr. Roboto: Burned when struck by lightning.

Tiger Catcher: Was crushed by boulder. "You can't get away!" as Tiger Catcher tried to run away.

In the end, Pop Tart was the only staff member left, and was allowed to leave.


  • The Ski Lodge Murder Mystery makes references to this plot.
  • This plot is easily comparable to The Murder mystery plot, but this is styled to be more humorous than dark.

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