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Electric Blue Monkey is a member of The Neopets Team in the early years of Neopets. It's unknown if he is still part of the team. The Electric paint colour is named after him.

Plot Summaries[edit]


Main Article: Sacrificers

Electric Blue Monkey was the 8th victim to be sacrificed to Mumbo Pango after trying to leave the island by boat. The boat disappeared under him as he jumped in, and he was chased down by a crocodile which was Mumbo Pango in disguise. Electric Blue Monkey was chased off the screen and screamed when Mumbo Pango caught up to him, either eaten or drowned (because of a bubbling sound of Electric Blue Monkey believed to be sinking in the water).

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Main Article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

After TNT set up in the Ski Lodge for their vacation on Monday of Week 1, Electric Blue Monkey was found dead by Mr. Ro-Boto (who wasn't the first in the room) at the bottom of the Hallway on Thursday after a loud bang (like wood cracking) alerted him. It was unknown how Electric Blue Monkey died, if he fell down the stairs, was pushed, or was "accidentally" run over by a snow plough, as said by Black Widow the next day. The snow plough is the most logical cause of death because Dr S E Thor and Wolverine needed to raise their voices over a snowplow that was operating outside when they were speaking. It was commented by Scarlet O Lara she overheard Pop Tart and Rhiannon about how they thought Electric Blue Monkey annoyed Number Six, though it's not known why.

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