Mumbo Pango

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Mumbo Pango.

Mumbo Pango is one of the gods of the Mystery Island's natives. Members of The Neopets Team were sacrificed to him in a mock survival game of Sacrificers in the early years of Neopets. Judging by his appearances in event, he is not just the god of the Coco people but all the island dwellers.

Mumbo Pango is very hungry, demanding meals every five minutes from his cook, the Underwater Chef. As a result, the chef needs the help from users to source ingredients in the Kitchen Quest game.

Mumbo Pango's powers include the ability to summon lightning by rubbing his hands, to release toxic fumes, and to fly.


  • As of August 2009, Mumbo Pango is featured in one item: his very own plushie.

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