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A retired item is one which is no longer sold in official site-run shops. It is an item type, shown in a user's inventory as "(retired)" in greyed out text. The retired class of objects was introduced on May 23, 2001. The term could also refer to any site feature that has been withdrawn, such as old colours or sponsored games.

Since retired items no longer enter circulation, those within circulation often gain value and some can be sold for very high prices, especially as those in circulation can be destroyed by use, theft, etc.

Sources of retired items[edit]

Most retired items are normal items that are retired from the shop that sells them. Some types of items get retired on a more regular, or at least more common, basis than others.


Main article: Gadgadsbogen

Gadgadsbogen is the annual Mystery Island festival of fruit, where many tropical fruits stop growing and brand new varieties replace them. The fruits that stop growing are retired.

As these are retired foods, they are often stored for their use as Gourmet Food in the Gourmet Club after Gadgadsbogen.

Hidden Tower[edit]

Main article: Hidden Tower

Items in the Hidden Tower under go common revision, replacing old items with new creations. The shortest time an item has been up for sale would be one day, in the case of the Eraser of the Dark Faerie.

New items do not necessarily have the properties of the old, which makes Hidden Tower retired items often very sought after. In part due to the high price of items while being sold, retired Hidden Tower items are some of the most expensive items on the site.

Advent Calendar[edit]

Main article: Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar gives prizes out daily in December to all users that visit it. Often, these items are exclusive to the Advent Calendar and very often exclusive to that year. Many of these items are retired as they are not available from any shops.

Plot Prizes[edit]

As most plots run only once on the site, rewards for their completion, and items given out during the course of the plot, are often available only for a limited time. Some items are only available to people who accomplished a certain level of achievement in the activities, which can make them all the rarer.