Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry

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The Quarry is home to two arguing JubJubs.

The Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry is a quarry east (inland) of Altador city. It is home to two JubJub miners, who argue over the syntax of the name - whether it is a quarry for perfectly flat rocks, or whether it is a perfectly flat quarry for rocks. It is featured during the Altador Plot.

The second Jubjub's argument that it is a Perfectly flat rock quarry is correct, as the first one says it is a Perfectly flat rock quarry, and by the first one's logic, the quarry itself is perfectly flat, not just the rocks, which is incorrect.

Plot summary[edit]

Altador Plot[edit]

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The Quarry must be visited several times during the course of the plot. The player first must visit it to find a perfectly flat three-inch rock to replace the Book of Ages supporting a table leg in the Altadorian Archives.

Later, it is one of three sites where the injured Vaeolus may be located. In order to reach the city wall to find a hidden chamber, the player must go via the Quarry, and finally, the player needs to obtain three more rocks from the Quarry in order to jam the Hall of Heroes ceiling mechanism. They may buy the first rock, steal the second, and convince the JubJubs to part with the third by offering to juggle.

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