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The lobby of the building.
The Altadorian Archives are a library in Altador, the largest store of knowledge in the city. They are maintained by its curator, Finneus, and are home to several clubs: the alchemy club, the astronomy club, the dance club, the herbalism club, the mining club, and the underwater basket weaving club. The Archives were featured during the Altador Plot.

Plot summary[edit]

Altador Plot[edit]

The library itself consists of a maze of similar square rooms.
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The Archives are central to the Altador Plot. It is here the player discovers the Book of Ages, and where they must return after uncovering each constellation to see the Book has updated. They also must visit the Archives to join the astronomy club and receive a telescope so they can proceed with the plot, and visit Finneus after each clue has been found. As the plot progresses, Finneus and the player discover that every book on history in the Archives is mysteriously missing.

Several of the constellation clues are found in the Archives themselves. The Dancer constellation clue appears in the briefly open dance club, and the Thief constellation clue in Finneus' Meepit plushie - the latter step involves exploring the enormous library itself. The Vaeolus is taken to the Archives during the Gatherer's constellation clue, and the library itself must be searched again to find the spellbook needed to undo the history-concealing curse.

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