Hall of Heroes

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The Hall of Heroes, as seen from the Restive Tomb.

The Hall of Heroes is a large building in the centre of Altador that stands as a monument to the twelve heroes of the city.

The Statue Hall[edit]

The main part of the building, the hall itself, originally housed twelve considerably bigger than life size statues, one of each of the heroes, standing in a circle, facing inwards. The Hall's domed roof opens thanks to a mechanism in the basement, which fills the statue hall with light during the day and allows the observatory to be used at night.

While there were originally twelve statues, only eleven are left, following the destruction of The Darkest Faerie statue during the Altador Plot. The statue of the Sleeper (or The Betrayer), The Darkest Faerie, was fitted with the power source for a spell that hid the history of Altador from its people. If any of the other statues have magic within them, it is yet to be revealed.

The Observatory[edit]

Above the statue hall is an observatory. Fitted with a telescope stand (but interestingly not its own telescope), the observatory makes use of the roof that opens to illuminate the hall bellow by providing the ability to look in detail at the stars. Once a Neopets user joins the Astronomy Club, a telescope will appear in the stand.

The Council Chamber[edit]

The Council Chamber is the room in which the heroes of Altador hold council. There are twelve seats, one for each hero, placed in a semicircle.

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