Restive Tomb

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The entrance to the Tomb.

The Restive Tomb is a mausoleum built on a cliff overlooking the city of Altador, released on 28 March 2006. It is home to a mummified Gelatinous Non-Cube.

Plot summary[edit]

Altador Plot[edit]

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The view from the Tomb.

The Restive Tomb's doorway bares the clue to the first constellation, The Sleeper. It can be entered when the player has brought the injured Vaeolus to Finneus in order to steal some bandages from the Gelatinous Non-Cube.

The player must also visit the Tomb to find The First to Rise's constellation. The Tomb affords a breathtaking view of the city, and the sun can be seen shining through one of the windows in the Hall of Heroes: investigating the Hall of Heroes and looking out of the window behind The Dancer's statue will give the user the clue they need.

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