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Masila's Gallery of Evil portrait

Masila is an ambitious and power-hungry Green Acara. Considered the femme fatale of the Thieves guild, she's also known as the Mistress of the Doublecross. Before his disappearance, Masila pretended to be Galem's lover so that she could influence him and gain more power for herself, although if she truly loved anybody, it was Kanrik.

She is reported to harbour a deep hatred for Hannah since the events on Terror Mountain.

Plot summary[edit]

Hannah and the Ice Caves[edit]

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Masila convinced Kanrik that they could use the Bringer of Night to overthrow Galem and lead the Thieves' Guild together. When the plan failed and Galem wanted to kill Kanrik, she suggested instead that he be cast out of the Guild and poisoned him before he could reveal her part in the scheme.


  • Her signature brooch was not originally hers, but stole from another. Also, it can be owned by users via a Rare Item Code from the Neopets TCG and is titled Masilas Brooch. Her purple cloak was also stolen, presumably from the owner of the brooch.
  • Masila was added to the Gallery of Evil on November 19, 2004.

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