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The Bringer of Night's Gallery of Evil portrait

A Moehog demigod of death and destruction, the Bringer of Night was locked away in a tomb in the Lost Desert following his slaughter of an ancient Bori civilisation. Unrelenting and impossible to be reasoned with, he has no compassion, and is only interested is destroying everything in his path. In addition to being large, imposing and powerful, he has the power to summon an army of undead warriors during the night, which disappears when the sun comes up.

He became one of the antagonists of Hannah and the Ice Caves plot after the sarcophagus in which he was imprisoned was retrieved to aid Galem Darkhand in obtaining a priceless, magical jewel deep inside of Terror Mountain, that the Bringer wanted himself. He was eventually killed after destroying the magical jewel he sought.

Plot summary[edit]

Hannah and the Ice Caves[edit]

Main article: Hannah and the Ice Caves (Plot)

In ancient past, the Bringer attempted to obtain a jewel at the heart of Terror Mountain. He fought a Bori civilisation to get to it, and as a last resort, a Bori leader preserved his people with the magical power of the Heart gemstone in ice. The Bringer himself was locked away in a tomb deep in the Lost Desert, guarded by booby traps and curses.

Kanrik used Hannah to retrieve the sarcophagus in which the Bringer resided on the orders of Galem Darkhand. He brought it to Terror Mountain, where he was convinced by Masila to unleash the Bringer and use it to gain control of the Thieves Guild. The Bringer detected the Heart's proximity, and marched straight towards it, ignoring Kanrik.

His course took him through the Thieves Guild's camp, where he animated an army of icy skeletons to fight with him. The thieves rallied a rushed defence, and managed to hold back the armies until dawn. The sunlight weakened them, and they died in the day. Galem offered to help the Bringer dig into the mountain to retrieve the jewel he wanted.

When inside, a second battle occurred between the Bringer and Galem, both wishing the Heart for themselves. The Bringer's army was reanimated and clashed against the thieves, inadvertently providing the perfect screen for Hannah to reach the Heart with the Keystone she had retrieved in the Bringer's tomb. The Bringer moved to stop her, but she managed to reunite the two rocks while Armin distracted him.

The Bori civilisation were freed from their icy state and poured into the chamber with the Heart. The Bringer struck at Hannah, but instead shattered the Heart. It was turned into ice, which was shattered with a stone from Armin's slingshot. The Bringer's death took his armies with him, and the Bori drove the thieves from the caves.


The Bringer
Difficulty: 100,000 Starting HP: 100,000
Arena: Frost Arena Released: December 17, 2004
Status: Retired Challenger ID: 110
Found by: Opponent during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot.

Capable of using the Faerie Ability Drain Life and normal ability Berserk Attack.


  • There are two Battledome Equipment which were given as prizes at the end of Hannah and the Ice Caves. One is The Bringer Plushie, capable of doing a maximum of 16 icons of damage. The other is The Golden Bringer Plushie, believed to be an upgrade of the original, but it's unknown what it does.

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