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The Gadgadsbogen Puzzle attendees. Top row: Jhuidah, Tiki Tack Man. Bottom row: Harry, Kyishi, Vik, Rufus.

The Gadgadsbogen Puzzle is a plot for Gadgadsbogen in 2003, that Neopets released on March 5, 2003 (but already referred to on March 4). It ran till March 20, 2003. The plot was a logic puzzle à la Usurper!, in which users were asked to match attendees to the Gadgadsbogen Party with various items and skills. With the Guildmasters' Dinner Logic Puzzle cancelled, it is currently the last plot of its kind.

Plot summary[edit]

Every year in March, Mystery Island celebrates Gadgadsbogen. The islanders celebrate with a great, big tiki-style party. In 2003, there were six people called upon to make speeches at the party.

The Guests[edit]

GP-Kyishi.gif Kyishi Kyishi the Aisha was the Limbo Champion back home in Meridell. She was at the finals, defending her championship, when Darigan attacked. The competition was ruined, and her crown lost in the hasty escape.
GP-Tiki Tack Man.gif Tiki Tack Man Well, we know he isn't a Neopet. Whatever he is, Tiki Tack Man makes sure that every visitor to Mystery Island leaves with enough tacky merchandise to sink whatever ship they sail away on. Did we mention he also runs the Tombola?
GP-Rufus.gif Rufus This year, Rufus has been crowned Grand Bogen, a position *always* held by Kougras. Although Rufus may tell you he is personally in charge of organising the entire festival, in reality the Grand Bogen is the one in charge of cleaning up the island afterwards!
GP-Vik.gif Vik Vik is inventor of a thousand different ways to combine tropical fruits, however he uses his own skill to do so, and doesn't have to rely on any silly magical cooking pots like *somebody* he could mention.
GP-Harry.gif Harry, Explorer Extraordinaire Harry has been hacking his way through the dense undergrowth of Mystery Island for days (with his faithful Poogle companion of course), in search of civilisation. The last thing he expected was to accidentally barge his way into a massive Tiki Party!
GP-Jhuidah.gif Jhuidah Jhuidah runs the local Cooking Pot, a magical artifact that can combine two items together to make something special. There is a rumour going around that Gadgadsbogen and Jhuidah's cooking pot are somehow connected, but, nah, it's just a rumour...

Plot participation[edit]

The object of the user's inquiries was to be to determine what colour grass skirt each guest wore; how low they could limbo; and what fruit they ate. On March 6, The Neopets Team announced that they made the puzzle harder by also asking what cocktail each guest drank.

There were six options for each area of inquiry:

The Fruits
  • Lemwart
  • Froozle
  • Carnapepper
  • Blobbule
  • Ellecha
  • Twirly Fruit
The Grass Skirts
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Pink
The Cocktails
  • Bubbling Kraku Thickshake
  • Blue Cocofizz
  • Greengage Breeze
  • Myncibean Punch
  • Purple Juppie Slurpbowl
  • Pink Peachpa Cooler
The Limbo Competition
  • 50 centimetre
  • 52 centimetre
  • 60 centimetre
  • 68 centimetre
  • 89 centimetre
  • 96 centimetre

Users were to determine how the fruits, the grass skirts, the cocktails and the results of the limbo competition linked to each of the guests based on their descriptions and the clues that were released over the course of the plot. Guesses could originally be turned in with the release of the fifth clue, but The Neopets Team changed it to happen on the eighth clue (March 14) instead, because they ended up making more clues than expected.

The Clues[edit]

Clues were released over several days, from March 5 to March 14.

  • Tiki Tack man made sure that he wore a red grass skirt (to match his shirt of course!).
  • The party guest that won the limbo competition was so excited she accidentally spilled her Myncibean Punch all over the floor afterwards!
  • At the limbo competition, the competitor who ate the Froozle beat the person who came in a place behind them by a whopping 8cm!
  • The Blobbule eater found the taste of their Bubbling Kraku Thickshake subtly enhanced the flavour of their fruit.
  • Kyishi refused to eat the Ellecha or Twirly fruit. "They're too fattening," she said. "And that's the last thing I need when limbo dancing!"
  • There was no way Vik was going to win the limbo. His belly alone was 70cm high!
  • The party guest who ate the Lemwart had a matching yellow skirt.
  • When the winner of the limbo danced at the party afterwards, she almost lost her pink skirt.
  • The party guest with the blue skirt was seen making a sour face when they bit into their carnapepper. I guess it didn't go down well!
  • The winner of the limbo contest did not eat an Ellecha.
  • Harry ate the Froozle, but did not wear the blue skirt.
  • The person who wore the Green skirt came in last place in the limbo contest, one position behind the Greengage Breeze drinker.
  • The wearer of the red skirt drank the Pink Peachpa Cooler!
  • The Grand Bogen wore a Green skirt.
  • The Ellecha eater limboed 60cm.


Guest Fruit Skirt Colour Cocktail Limbo Result
Kyishi Lemwart Yellow Purple Juppie Slurpbowl 68cm
Tiki Tack Man Ellecha Red Pink Peachpa Cooler 60cm
Rufus Blobbule Green Bubbling Kraku Thickshake 96cm
Vik Carnapepper Blue Greengage Breeze 89cm
Harry Froozle Purple Blue Cocofizz 52cm
Jhuidah Twirly Fruit Pink Myncibean Punch 50cm


Rewarded on march 20, 2003, the prize originally was 30,000,000 NP and several Battledome items, including fruit weapons, divided amongst the first 100 correct answers. This was changed to the first 2000 people, although it's unknown whether that meant those 2000 users all got both their share of the prize money and items or whether the new 1900 winners only got one of the two.


  • There was a reference to Usurper! in Gadgadsbogen Puzzle. On the The Party page, there was, like Usurper!, a list of the characters, items and habits that had to be linked to each other and at the bottom of the page stood: - THE MURDER - : There was no murder! Nobody got poisoned, or even slightly ill... it was just a great party!
  • On March 8, The Neopets Team warned that some users were trying to give false clues by pretending to have found some of the "hidden clues" that were said to come.

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