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Harry, Explorer Extraordinaire, is a Blue Techo who explores the jungles of Mystery Island. He was featured in the game Techo Safari before it was retired.

Harry is a great adventurer who spends his time hacking his way through the undergrowth of Mystery Island and travelling through the deepest Jungle, avoiding the attentions of the native Cocos and looking for treasure. He is accompanied by his faithful Poogle companion, Bloopum.

Gadgadsbogen Puzzle[edit]

Gadgadsbogen Puzzle[edit]

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Harry took part in the Gadgadsbogen Puzzle party in 2003, after emerging from the jungle and accidentally barging his way into the party!

Better Than You[edit]

Harry has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: March 4, 2011 I'll find that lost civilisation yet. No dangerous jungle is going to stand in my way! With my trusty assistant here, I can conquer any... Jones? Jones, come back here! You can't run off to play Daily Dare, I hired you for a job!
Game: Jungle Raiders
Score: 450
Prize: Exotic Plant


  • Jake the Explorer seems to have taken on Harry's role as the Mystery Island adventurer and explorer in recent times.

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