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Clockwork Grundos are a type of single-use (one of them is not, but once per battle) Battledome Equipment, consisting of a small, Grundo-shaped shell and a clockwork motor. Once wound up, they begin to walk, and once they have wound down, explode. They are also featured in the game Typing Terror, and parodied by the Clockwork Yooyu in Yooyuball, which will explode shortly after play begins.

In the Battledome[edit]

There are five different types of Clockwork Grundo, each one colour coded to a specific type of attack - a Blue Clockwork Grundo attacks with 10 - 15 icons of air damage, whereas Brown, Red, and Yellow Clockwork Grundos attack with 10 - 15 icons of earth, fire, and light damage, respectively. The fifth type of Clockwork Grundo - the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo - does 4 - 5 fire, 4 - 5 air, 4 - 5 light, and 4 - 5 darkness damage. It was released on Grundo Independence Day on the 24th August 2004 in the Hidden Tower, and is the only type that is not single use, but usable once per battle.

As single use items, Clockwork Grundos are used as bombs in the Battledome, inflicting a large amount of damage for a small price tag - comparable to Snowballs or Battle Muffins. However, Clockwork Grundos are very expensive for the damage that they do - in particular the red and brown varieties - and this, coupled with the fact that they are single use, prevents them from gaining much popularity. Even the Rainbow Clockwork Grundo, while slightly more powerful than the Honey Potion and with a combination of icons that are difficult to block, is often passed over in favour of the Ghostkerbomb. Most people use Clockwork Grundos instead of other more powerful bombs because of the icon variety for the 2-player Battledome.

Box of Clockwork Grundos[edit]

Main Article: Box of Clockwork Grundos

The Box of Clockwork Grundos was introduced into the Hidden Tower on the 17th October 2001 as a Clockwork Grundo generator (a la snowball generators). It dispenses 1-4 random Clockwork Grundos when used in the Battledome, and is multiple use. It has since been retired.

Other clockwork weapons[edit]

In addition to Clockwork Grundos, clockwork bombs have been released in the forms of a Quiggle - an Advent Calendar prize from 2002 - and a Nimmo. Both of these bombs are multiple use and much weaker than their Grundo-themed counterparts.

Kiko, Hissi, Poogle and Lupe clockwork bombs have also been released that are single use and just slightly weaker that Clockwork Grundos in power. Their attacks are more varied in icons than the standard, single use Clockwork Grundos, however.

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