Aisha Myriad

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Aisha Myriad
Aisha Myriad Image.gif
Once per Battle
Attack: N/A
Defence: N/A
Special Effects: Changes into random Battledome Equipment from the Hidden Tower, excluding those under 1 million NP and are one use. Retired.
Description: This is a strange device is made by the Alien Aishas. Why not push a button and find out what happens...
Price: 300M - 500M NP
Rarity: 180
Origin: Hidden Tower

The Aisha Myriad is a Battledome Equipment item sold at the Hidden Tower before it was Retired. It was created on October 17, 2001.


A small mechanical device, the Aisha Myriad is capable of turning into any item found in the Hidden Tower. Pressing various knobs, switches and buttons would cause the Aisha Myriad would transform into an item. While there are set patterns within the Myriad to every item, no one except the Alien Aishas, the creators of the device, know the secrets.

The creation of the Aisha Myriad was possible because of the actions of Captain Xelqued, who went on a mission to find the Hidden Tower and seize the power of the artifacts within. With the help of his pilot Norbekk, Xelqued crashed into the Hidden Tower somewhere around the Faerie Castle by accident, and after pleading with Fyora to spare an artifact for their troubles, was given a brief tour of the Hidden Tower instead. Unknown to her, this was what Xelqued wanted, and with a special camera hidden in his "A"-shaped charm took pictures of every single artifact of the Hidden Tower, which showed how each artifact could be replicated.

With the secrets of the Hidden Tower taken, Xelqued and Norbekk returned home and were able to recreate every artifact in their labs. Finding it was too cumbersome to carry all the artifacts at once, an unknown Alien Aisha had the idea to combine al the artifacts into a single device, thus creating the Aisha Myriad. Once Fyora learned of Xelqued's trickery, she punished the Alien Aishas and seized all the Aisha Myriads. When the Hidden Tower began selling Aisha Myriads, every customer required a background check to make sure they weren't one of the Alien Aisha's secret agents.


In the Battledome, the Aisha Myriad is capable of turning into almost any Battledome Equipment item in the Hidden Tower, including those which are retired. Each time the Aisha Myriad is used, it randomly turns into a Battledome Equipment worth over 1 million Neopoints, and remains that Battledome Equipment for the reminder of the battle. Afterward, it transforms back into the Myriad. Because of it's ability to transform into even retired Battledome Equipment, it's possible to even up any fight if it transforms into the right Battledome Equipment. Due to the random nature of the Aisha Myriad, however, it's impossible to make it be part of any set battle strategy, and isn't very popular in fights where strategy counts.


  • As of November 2007, the Aisha Myriad is featured in 3 different items.
  • In the Neopets TCG, the Aisha Myriad is affiliated with the element of Light.
  • The Neopedia article Aisha Myriad was released on October 23, 2001.

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