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Leximp is a winged a Blue Nimmo that wears round glasses. He appears as an optional boss in the game Neoquest II. Defeating him gives the player a Wordstone which can be used to communicate with the Chias in Chia Oscuro.

NeoQuest II[edit]

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Leximp can be found in the Damp Smelly Cave. Sometime in the past, he stole the Wordstone from the nearby town of Chia Oscuro. He seems to be unhealthily obsessed with reading.

M2015 bade1.gif HP:
150Easy · 187Medium · 225Hard
  • n/a
  • Wordstone
  • 1 weapon / armor
  • 200 Gold
NP Reward:
500 NP

Opening Dialogue:

The Leximp shouts, "Hey! You get out of here! I stole the wordstone fair and square! Those dumb chias don't even know how to read. It's mine! Mine, I tell you!"

Flee Dialogue:

The Leximp shouts, "Yeah, that's right, get out, you stupid jerks! You probably don't know how to read either!" as you flee from him.

Defeat Dialogue:

The Leximp laughs. "Ha! I knew you couldn't beat me. Now I can go back to reading my book."

Victory Dialogue:

The Leximp screams and slumps to the floor of the cave. "Aaaghh... It's not fair! Unh... I deserve the wordstone... more... than..." He stops talking and moving. You see the wordstone on the cave floor behind him, and pick it up.


  • Leximp's name is combined of lexicon and imp.