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Xarthab is an Orange Grundo and the younger brother of Zorlix. He is known for his hotheaded stubbornness and his intense rivalry with his older brother.

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

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When Xarthab and Zorlix inherited the mines of Kreludor from their father, Xarthab believed that he should run the mines. Zorlix, on the other hand, believed that since he was the older sibling, he should have the final say in how the mines were run. As their argument intensified, the Grundos of Kreludor split up, the Orange Grundos siding with Xarthab and the Purple Grundos siding with Zorlix.

When Xarthab and his Orange Grundo followers were attacked by Zorlix and his Purple Grundo followers, Xarthab's advisor, Parlax, convinced him that his brother was trying to eliminate him. Xarthab consequently fought back against Zorlix, igniting a civil war among the Grundos.

This civil war continued until Gorix arrived on Kruludor and revealed that Parlax was actually working for Dr. Sloth and had been manipulating the two brothers into fighting so that Sloth could steal Kreludite from their mines unnoticed. After Parlax's treachery was revealed, Xarthab and Zorlix joined forces to defend against Sloth's invading fleet of battleships.

Better Than You[edit]

Xarthab has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: July 2, 2009 Listen up, recruit! I'm not letting you near a real spaceship until you prove that you can handle the dangers of space! I bet our slowest soldier could beat you with his antennae tied behind his back. Think you can show me otherwise?
Game: Lost in Space Fungus
Score: 1,140
Prize: Orange Evil Mastermind Chair

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