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Parlax is a Split Grundo and a villain in the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. He is portrayed as being manipulative and power-hungry and is recognizable by the large X-shaped scar across his face.

During Sloth's first invasion of Kreludor, Parlax joined the Resistance along with his childhood friend Gorix. However, Parlax betrayed the Resistance and lead them into a trap set at one of Sloth's labs.

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

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Parlax was sent to Kreludor by Dr. Sloth to exploit the existing tensions between Zorlix and Xarthab to start a civil war among the Grundos of Kreludor. This war would distracted the Grundos, allowing Sloth and his minions to steal Kreludite from the Grundo's mine unnoticed.

Because of his Split colour, Parlax was able to blend in with both Zorlix's Purple Grundo followers and Xarthab's Orange Grundo followers. While with the Orange Grundos, Parlax would hide the purple half of his face with a mask. While with the Purple Grundos, he would hide the orange side of his face. Parlax worked his way up the ranks of the two factions, until he eventually became the personal advisor of both Zorlix and Xarthab. As their advisor, he feed false information to the two Grundo leaders, igniting a war between them. This deception was successful until Parlax was recognized and exposed by Gorix.

After being exposed, Parlax was imprisoned on Kreludor; however, he managed to escape and return to Sloth's fleet. On Sloth's ship, Parlax engaged in one last battle with Gorix, fighting him using only a sword/katana.

Parlax was last seen running away as Sloth's ship was initiating its self-destruct sequence. It is unclear if he safely made it off of the ship before it exploded.

Better Than You[edit]

Parlax has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: August 25, 2011 I was undercover as an orange Grundo when my ship was attacked by a giant Space Fungus. It happens. No matter; there is no prison that can hold me for long. It's only a matter of time before I can get back to my real work...
Game: Lost in Space Fungus
Score: 1,800
Prize: Marshmallow Grundo Plushie
Date: 11 November 2012 Gorix thinks he can escape, but I have a plan. It's simple enough, really... oh, did you think I was going to tell you? Nice try. You're working for the Resistance, aren't you?
Game: Escape to Kreludor
Score: 1,570
Prize: World Challenge Piece Kreludor 1.19


  • Parlax was a candidate for the Best Villain category during the 2008 Neopies.

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