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Weewoo white.gif
Type Pirate Petpet
Release Date October 10, 2001
Petpet Puddle

The Weewoo is a baby owl-like Petpet popularly known as the Neopian Times mascot. Weewoos are named after the haunting melody they sing at dusk on their native Krawk Island.

The White Weewoo[edit]

Now the mascot of the Neopian Times, the White Weewoo is held as an example of how Neopian Times writers have been able to influence the site. The author laurensama wanted a White Weewoo resembling the owl Hedwig from J K Rowling's Harry Potter series so much that fellow authors hid White Weewoo references in their stories, comics and articles. It was even even made one of the symbols for the Neopian Times Writer's Forum.

One of these published was The Weewoo of White, which included an official drawing of a white-coloured Weewoo, and the official item image was found on the Neopets image servers on 23rd October 2003. Snowflake gave the authors who were published in that week's issue a White Petpet Paintbrush, and the White Weewoo was released on the 28th. This date is sometimes seen as a Neopian holiday for writers.


The Weewoo is currently available in 21 different colours:

Petpet Protection League[edit]

The Weewoo has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award twice:

Week 85
Petpet Grey Weewoo
Date April 14, 2005
Week 548
Petpet Maraquan Weewoo
Date April 24, 2014


  • Weewoos are featured in seven items other than the Petpets themselves.
  • The How to Draw tutorial was released on August 4, 2005.

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