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Snowflake is a former member of The Neopets Team, and the Editor of the Neopian Times. Her last issue as editor was issue 195 as noted in a post in the Neopian Times Writer's Forum, and was succeeded by Droplet.

Plot Summary[edit]

Ski Lodge Murder Mystery[edit]

Main Article: Ski Lodge Murder Mystery

On Monday of Week 5, Snowflake, Bye-Gon Jinx and Lazarus found Scarlet O Lara floating face down in the pool, And she and Lazarus went to find someone who knew first aid while Bye-Gon Jinx contemplated how a chalk line could be drawn around a body in water. Later that week on Thursday, Snowflake was murdered, found by Lazarus and Jimmy James with her head stuffed in one of the water pipes above the indoor pool of the ski lodge.

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