Thyoras Tear

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Thyoras Tear
Once per Battle
Attack: None


Special Effects: BE Stat Limit.gif Limit one per Neopet
Description: When Thyora was weeping for the loss of her loved one a passing faerie captured a tear and formed a powerful charm. For a brief period of time, nothing may harm the wearer. (Only one can be equipped and it can only be used once per battle)
Price: 52.25M - 57.75M NP
Rarity: 99
Origin: Defence Magic

Thyoras Tear is the cheapest once-per-battle 100% defence in Neopets. It is one of the most expensive non-retired items in Neopia. It can be restocked rarely at the Defence Magic Shop. Because it is a all 100% defence item, you can only have one per Neopet and it is only once-per-battle. This weapon simply shuts out all attack except reflected ones. It is unwise to use this on the first round, but it is wise to do so for a bomb round.

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