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A White Grundo and Blue Shoyru battle with sticky hands.

The Sticky Hands are a series of six Battledome weapons that have the ability to a steal a single piece of equipment from an opponent. Their names and appearances are derived from the sticky hand toys that are often sold in bulk vending machines in the real world.

The Purple Sticky Hand was one of the gifts given out by the Advent Calendar on December 16, 2004. Like other Advent Calendar gifts, it was immediately retired. The other five sticky hands were released on May 18, 2001 and can be purchased from the Battle Magic shop.

When a sticky hand successfully steals an opponent's equipment, it is given to the opponent in place of their stolen gear. The opponent can choose to use the sticky hand to take back their stolen equipment if they desire. At the end of the battle, all sticky hands and stolen pieces of equipment are returned to their original owners. Stolen items that are broken or consumed during the battle are returned to their original owner undamaged and unused.


There are six different sticky hand weapons and each one has a different probability of successfully stealing.

Blue Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd bluestickyhand.gif Red Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd redstickyhand.gif Yellow Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd yellowstickyhand.gif
Purple Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd purple stickyhand.gif Green Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd greenstickyhand.gif Rainbow Sticky Hand
Chance to steal
Bd rainbowstickyhand.gif


  • The Neocola Machine gives out an item called the Non-Sticky Sticky Hand. This item is a toy rather than a weapon.

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