Staff of Alhasutek

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The Staff of Alhasutek

The Staff of Alhasutek is a powerful magical weapon that featured in the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin plot, taken from the Great Pyramid - later called the Gebmid - in the Lost Desert by Dr. Frank Sloth.

According to the plot, it was lost for thousands of years and became a thing of legend. Dr. Sloth clearly knew about it: he looked particularly for the staff when he raided the treasure trove, and recognised the value of Brucey B's coin as soon as he saw it.

The powers of the Staff[edit]

The Staff of Alhasutek showed demonstrated several powers during its brief use by Dr. Sloth. He used the staff to disfigure Princess Fernypoo and Capara, turned the two Neopets into a hag and a snake respectively. These transformations appear to be directly related to the characters fears, but whether the Staff detected this and acted accordingly or Dr. Sloth knew these fears and used the staff to apply them - if the latter, it begs the question as to how he knew, and if the staff may have supplied him with this knowledge - is not known.

The staff also created the Rock Beast, the boss character of the war, and Dr. Sloth seemed to believe it could reanimate it.

When broken at the end of the plot, the staff released counter spells that restored its disfigurations.


The origin of the name Alhasutek is unknown. It does not appear to be an anagram for anything with significance, and it is only mentioned in relation to the staff twice - both occasions in Brucey B's letter to the Neopian population.

One theory relates to Sutek, the Geb in whose honour the Great Gebmid was built. The Great Gebmid was designed to house Sutek's riches, and it would appear that the Staff of Alhasutek was found among these. The latter part of the name, therefore, may have some relation to its storing.

Sutek was a kind Geb, however, so it may be possible that the phrase sutek means friendly, or similar, and that alha would contradict this, hence, roughly, the Staff of Fears. This conforms to what magic the staff has been witnessed to perform.


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