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Capara is a Red Kyrii who is the easiest character the user faces in the game Cheat!. She uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to trick her way to the top, however it hasn't worked yet.

She is a good friend of Brucey B, and, along with fellow Cheat! player Princess Fernypoo, accompanied him to help retrieve his lucky coin - albeit initially with ideas of using it herself.

The trophies of Cheat! are modelled on her, which is a bit ironic, as she is the worst of the computer players.

Plot summary[edit]

Brucey B and the Lucky Coin[edit]

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Capara telephoned in order to congratulate Brucey B on his Cheat! championship victory, however, on discovering he intended to play again the following night, insisted that he saved his award money in the National Neopian. Unheeding of her advise, Brucey B went to the high-stakes game and found himself playing against a selection of suspicious-looking Neopets. He managed to lose all his winnings, and was forced to bet his lucky coin on an all-or-nothing one-card draw. He lost - but only because his opponent was cheating at Cheat! - and was thrown out.

Capara and Princess Fernypoo encouraged him not to give up, and they decided to search for Brucey's coin. Capara herself had her sights set on using the coin herself to win at Cheat!, but such thoughts rapidly evaporated as she found herself marching through the Haunted Woods at the side of Brucey on the suggestion of the Brain Tree.

Taunted by the hidden creatures in the Woods, she was about to give up all hope when the sun dawned and the creatures retreated. Brucey B, who had been stuck in quick sand, was helped out by a branch, and Princess Fernypoo was freed from the trees that clawed at her. The trio left the Woods, and found themselves under a glaring sun in the Lost Desert

After hiking through the Desert - with Capara facing the hardship of thirst and Fernypoo of chipped nail varnish - they came across the city of Sakhmet, where as Brucey B continued his search, Capara discovered to her dissatisfaction the taste of Mummified Peppers and revealed her fear of snakes when surrounded by Wadjets.

Having finally located the Jetsam that took Brucey's coin camped outside one of the pyramids, Capara and Princess Fernypoo then joined Brucey, against their better instincts, on a daring, after-dark raid of the encampment. As the trio explored the pyramid, Capara was soon wishing for her mother - not for the first time on the escapade - as the group found themselves confronting Dr. Sloth and his mysterious weapon that transfigured Capara into a red-haired Wadjet and Fernypoo into a hag before Brucey could escape.

They followed Sloth's army back towards Sakhmet, and confronted the gibbering wreck that was shopkeeper of the Lost Desert Foods shop. After Capara gave him a good, firm slap with her newly acquired tail, he came to his senses and implored the trio for aid. Brucey rallied the population of Neopia, and a battle ensued. Capara was restored to her Kyrii self when Brucey broke Dr. Sloth's staff, and afterwards vowed never to see a Wadjet again so long as she lived.

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