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Dates of when new rules took effect, and more information

Multiple Accounts also known as side accounts, is a term used by The Neopets Team and the community of Neopets for users who have more than one account/username they log into on a daily basis. Users create multiple accounts (to a maximum of 5) for many reason: they want to try a new username, own different Neopets, want to become part of another guild, boredom, or many other reasons. Having multiple accounts is allowed, but can be difficult at times due to the many actions the user must refrain from, or have one or more of their accounts suspended or frozen, due to the fact having multiple accounts can give a user an unfair advantage over other users.


Of the 5 accounts a user is allowed to log into on a daily basis, only one is to be their main account, i.e. to gain Neopoints from or any profit of any kind. This account can gain Neopoints from games, collect items from the dailies, have a shop, participate in voting activities and all other profitable activities.

The other 4 accounts, called side accounts, can be used for guilds, galleries, item storage, and extra Neopets. No Neopoint gaining games can be played by this account, or dailies (except the Healing Springs or the Soup Kitchen) or other profitable activities. Neopoints and items can be transferred to side accounts from the main account or other side accounts (all of which should be same e-mail address as the main account) to help the user feed their Neopets, create a gallery or gain access to the Lab Ray, but the side accounts are to never give items to the main account for means of a profit.

If the user is the leader of a guild, they may use 1 of the 5 accounts as a guild account (naming it as such as well), which can own a shop for the guild activities. This account cannot earn Neopoints in any manner other than through the store, auctions and trades. Users can only have one guild account for a guild, and actions taken on a guild account can affect the users other accounts).

Users also cannot share or play another users account as a favor while they are on vacation for a long time or for other such reasons. This gains a profit for the real user while away and is seen as gaining an advantage over other users, making it a freezable offense. This rule is also in effect for the users safety, as an argument between account sharers could result in one of them to change the accounts email and password, taking credit of all the work put into the account.


While the rules of having multiple accounts are fairly simple, there are situations which can cause confusion and have TNT take action against users who may look like they are breaking rules, but aren't. Users who share one computer and all have separate accounts is a good example, because to one who doesn't know the living situations, it could look like a user was making a profit off of many different accounts, especially if those users share items with each other. Even if all the users have different emails, it would still require TNT to investigate each account. Some users put notes to TNT on their profiles saying that they share a computer, but these do no good, as cheaters would be very likely to do the same[1][2][3]


  • On 7 November 2005 the Terms and Conditions of Use on the Neopets site was updated. One of these changes required that users only have one shop for their main account (excluding a single guild account), and restricted the collection of dailies to a user's main account.
  • A change in rules before 7 November 2005 had allowed users with more than 5 accounts to keep all of their accounts (provided that they did not make any more) but an editorial dated 11 November 2005 confirmed that the updated Terms and Conditions restricted users to a maximum of 5 accounts and required that all users deactivate any accounts in excess of that limit.

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