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Guilds are special interest clubs which users can create/join to meet other players with similar likes and dislikes. Users can find new friends and chat about their favourite things (Skating, Chias, Drawing), and users who can help others in such activities as the Battledome. Joining a guild is not required by a user, but it allows them to create a network of contacts and friends which make Neopets more enjoyable and easier to play.

Most guilds usually have a theme, such as the "Faerie Guild" or the "Nimmo Lovers Guild." Guilds can dedicated to certain causes, goals, or mutual interests such as helping the poorer users and/or new users, collecting Avatars, getting more Neopoints, or real life interests. There is a forum inside every guild, only accessible to members of that guild. Guilds may also offer certain advantages to members such a guild Shops and lotteries to provide free food/items, "Newbie packs", and helpful tips. Different guilds also have different requirements for advancing in rank, usually accompanied by the appropriate increase in benefits and status.

Guild Neighbourhoods[edit]

Guilds are located in many places of Neopia.

Guild Contents[edit]


Shows the front page of the guild, which can be customized by those with admin powers.


Members of the guild can post on the guild exclusive message board. The same rules of conversation apply to those in the NeoBoards.


Members can place dates and notes upon the guilds Calendar for all users to see. Unlike the Diary of NeoMail, all messages stay on the Calendar for all times unless otherwise deleted by those with admin powers of the guild.


A full list of all current members of the guild are shown here, along with their rank and total number of posts they have made.


In this section, members of the guild can submit usernames of users who they would like to join the guild. Users are sent a NeoMail upon invitation, and another invite cannot be sent after that (though there have been cases an invite can be given again). If a user submits a the name of a user who isn't accpeting guild invites or isn't old enough to join guilds, a notice page will be shown, and the user will need to submit a new username. This feature can be altered so only those with certain admin powers can use it.


Shows the direct link to the guild the member is part of.


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