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The Monocerous' NeoDeck image.
The Monocerous is a vicious, bull-like monster that can paralyse victims with its roar. Its favourite food is JubJubs which, ironically, are the only Neopet immune to the creature's bellow. The Monocerous also sometimes eats Wockys. In the early days of Neopets, the Monocerous was featured in the Gallery of Evil; however its gallery page was removed from the site in 2001.

Its name may be based on monoceros, a faint horse constellation in the winter's sky.

Random Events[edit]

There is one currently active random event involving the Monocerous:

Bg hw tree.jpg
The Monocerous roars, "Once I ate 16 JubJubs in a week!"
Monocerous RE.png

This event has no effect. The Monocerous was also featured in one retired event:

Something has happened!
The Monocerous growls 'Over the last month I have eaten [random two-digit number] Wockys'

This old event also had no effect.

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