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Linae is a Pink Kougra who lives in Shenkuu, and is a crew member of the Cyodrake's Gaze. Like many sailors, she is quite superstitious and believed that Hoban brought the storm featured in the flash comic, The Cyodrake's Gaze, upon them. She enjoys and hosts the game Kou-Jong. She does not appear to have a special role (e.g. chef, weapons specialist, physician) on her ship.

Plot summaries[edit]

The Cyodrake's Gaze[edit]

Main article: The Cyodrake's Gaze

Before a dinner on the Cyodrake's Gaze, Hoban said the words, "Yeah, let's see you laugh when I sail you into a storm", which Linae then thought was just him being grumpy. However, when a storm began after the meal, she began to believe he called the storm upon them by a curse, and that he was bad luck to all of them.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure[edit]

Main article: Neopets Puzzle Adventure

Shortly after the player arrives in Shenkuu, they encounter Linae, who asks the player to help her scare away a Blobagus that has been causing trouble at a local teahouse. After the player successfully scares away the Blobagus, Linae asks the player to go fetch some Gikerot scales for Anshu. She then gives the player a Quetzal, a Kazeriu, and a Duocorn to help them out on their adventure.

Better Than You[edit]

Linae has been a contestant on Better Than You seven times:

Date: February 8, 2007 Due to all my years of playing Kou-Jong, I must say that I have become quite a master in the art of observation. This allows me to be very successful at finding the whereabouts of the Cyodrake's Gaze. If you can best my score, I'll give you an item I snatched from Kentari.
Game: Eye of the Storm
Score: 6,750
Prize: Black Leather Helmet

Date: May 10, 2007 Okay, so maybe I didn't fare too well a few months ago when I claimed I could beat everyone at Eye of the Storm, but there's no way you're going to be able to beat me at my own game! Bring it on!
Game: Kou-Jong
Score: 1,145
Prize: Sparkling Bonbori Hammers

Date: April 10, 2008 After so many years of serving on the Cyodrake's Gaze I know her routes like the back of my paw. I can find that ship as fast as a pair of Kou-Jong tiles. But enough about what I can do, what can you do? If you think you can beat me, I accept your challenge!
Game: Eye of the Storm
Score: 6,800
Prize: Cyodrakes Gaze Logo Stamp

Date: June 5, 2008 Here I am again. Hopefully you've had time to practice since my last challenge. I expect you all to at least give me a run for my money. It's not THAT hard to match tiles quickly, is it? Now show me what you've got!
Game: Kou-Jong
Score: 1,145
Prize: Kougra Buzzer Headband

Date: July 21, 2011 If you had all the time in the world, you could plan each move carefully. But if you want to beat my score, though, slow and careful isn't good enough. *yawn* I hope you don't mess up and have to start over...
Game: Kou-Jong
Score: 1,167
Prize: Silver Kougra Plushie

Date: August 29, 2013 I've been playing Deckball lately, and it's so much fun! But it still doesn't compare to the mental demands of a good round of Kou-Jong. These tiles will always be my favourite game.
Game: Kou-Jong
Score: 1,144
Prize: Cyodrake Roll

Date: February 5, 2015 I see some dark portents in the tiles. I'm pretty sure somewhere out there in Neopia a Dark Faerie is rising in power. Best to stay in today and play a quiet game of Kou-Jong.
Game: Kou-Jong
Score: 1,120
Prize: Green Kougra Bracelet


  • Linae is the only female of the Cyodrake's Gaze's crew.

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