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Lamelle Turow is a Blue Kiko and is the current Left Defender for Maraqua's Yooyuball team. Though he is hindered by his small size, Lamelle is nonetheless a strong and tenacious defender. He excels at stealing the ball away from opponents; however, his guarding skills are weak.

Lamelle's Yooyuball career began in 2008, when he joined the Lost Desert's Yooyuball team as a rookie. He was immediately assigned to the Right Defender position, filling the void left by the recently retired "Dirty" Navers. Over the next three years, Lamelle played well, and in 2010, he helped his team to victory during Altador Cup V. In 2011, Lemelle decided that the harsh Lost Desert climate was too dry for a Kiko like himself, and choose to leave the team. That same year, he was signed by Maraqua's Yooyuball team and assigned to the Left Defender position, replacing defender Dorina Hals.


  • Lamelle was a runner-up for the Rookie of the Year award in 2008.