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Jake the Explorer, Collectable Card #366

Jake is a Blue Kougra who explores ruins, particularly on Mystery Island. He is the star of Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island and the mascot of Islandberry Crunch Cereal, which allows you to "experience the sweet, crunchy taste of Neopia at your breakfast table!" He is also the star in the under construction plot: The Adventures of Jake.

Islandberry Crunch Cereal and its accompanying mascot were announced in the New Features on January 19, 2006. As part of the promotion for the cereal, Neopets also created an area where each of your pets can consume a free bowl of cereal once a day. This area is how most players come to recognize Jake.

Below is the text of the "Jake Story" section of the Islandberry Crunch publicity area.


Meet Jake, a Kougra whose knowledge and skill have made him Mystery Island's greatest explorer. Whether studying ruins or searching for treasure, there's no challenge too great for Jake! Once, when he was still young, Jake overheard some Elders discussing a magical amulet buried deep in the jungle which could life an ancient spell that had cursed their village. However, the risk of going after the amulet was far too great. What would happen to the village if the Elders failed to return? Such dangers meant nothing to Jake. Determined to find the amulet, he packed some supplied and headed for the jungle...

... With only the position of the rising and setting sun to guide him, Jake headed deeper and deeper into the jungle. After a few days, his body ached and his supply of food and water was starting to run out. As his mission entered its fourth evening, the young Kougra began to search for a place to settle in for the night. Upon his arrival at a clearing in the thick jungle brush, Jake unrolled a straw mat that he'd brought along on his expedition and laid down to sleep.

The next morning, Jake was awoken by a loud rumbling sound. Looking around in a sleepy daze, Jake half-expected to find some ferocious monster towering above him. However, he soon realized that the roaring was coming from the pit of his belly. When he reached into his knapsack, though, the only thing Jake found was the handful of crumbs that a colony of Mootix had left behind. Cursing his miserable luck, Jake reluctantly admitted to himself that his search for the amulet would have to wait until he'd been able to round up some more food.

After hours of searching, the hungry young Kougra was still looking for a meal. Then, off in the distance, he gazed upon a sight that instantly made his mouth water with anticipation: an entire grove of Islandberry trees. Mmm, my favourite, Jake thought as he rushed toward his breakfast. However, just as he grasped an Islandberry bunch, Jake heard yet another loud rumble. This time it wasn't his belly, though; as he looked up, a towering shadow fell down on him.

Armed with nothing but a sturdy walking stick, the young explorer had no choice but to give the mighty beast a crack to the shins. Having momentarily stunned the monster with his fearlessness, the Kougra began feverishly looking for a place to run and hide. As Jake dashed in the direction of a far-off cave, the wounded creature hobbled slowly after him. Thankfully, the cave's opening was large enough for the Kougra to enter, but not big enough for his pursuer to follow.

Sitting in the cave, gasping for breath, Jake frantically tried to plan an escape. It was then, in this most desperate of hours, that Jake witnessed an incredible sight. As the mid-day sun passed above a tiny hole in the cave's roof, a beam of light shone down into the cave. With his hideout now bathed in glowing light, the Kougra gazed upon the object of his quest: the mighty amulet that had drawn him so deep into the jungle.

As Jake grabbed the powerful artifact, he noticed a narrow corridor in the back of the cave, just beyond the pedestal where the amulet had rested for years. With the roars of the snarling predator at his back, the Kougra explorer had no choice but to follow the corridor's path. Thankfully, the path led to an exit far away from the monster, allowing Jake to make a safe escape.

Upon his return, Jake was given a hero's welcome and a magnificent feast was held in his honour. Thanks to his daring discovery of the long-lost amulet, the dreaded curse was lifted and his village once again enjoyed peace and prosperity.


Jake also has his own TCG card.

The description reads "On his many quests for mysterious treasures, its not unusual for Jake to find himself in precarious predicaments."

This card is one of a set of three cards released in conjunction with the Islandberry Crunch Cereal. They are available within specially marked boxes of the cereal for a limited time.

Better Than You[edit]

Jake has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: August 17, 2006 So, you've come to try your hand at adventuring, have you? I hope you're prepared. I might make exploring jungles and climbing volcanoes look easy, but trust me, it's not! Well, if you're determined, I can't stop you, but be careful!
Game: Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Score: 2,000
Prize: Potted Jungle Plant

Date: August 6, 2009 Bit of a precarious predicament here. I made a bet with this Usul named Hannah that I could find the golden idol hidden in Mystery Island before next Wednesday. But it's really well hidden! I'm talking serious danger here! I don't suppose you would help a fellow out?
Game: Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island
Score: 1,200
Prize: Kougra Adventurer Boots

Date: March 18, 2010 Watch out, there's a dangerous Bargasaurus ahead. It probably smells the fresh berries at the Gadgadsbogen celebration. Mmm, I can't wait to join the party! But I had better take care of this critter first. You run ahead and start serving the tourists and elders, so the rest of us can eat, okay?
Game: Berry Bash
Score: 5,040
Prize: Kacheek Tourist Shoes


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