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Issue 23

After a long break, we're back with another issue of Pink Ink, just in time for the New Year!


We've got the usual regular articles, including another installment of Drowning Kingdom, as well as some guest articles by other members of the forums.


And a couple of announcements - Yoshi has stepped down as the official 'leader' of Pink Ink, and is taking a bit of a backseat. Replacing Yoshi is Alex, so direct all your submissions for articles to her on the forums. Another change is that Twinkle will be taking over the writing of PPTers Say the Darndest Things, so make sure to send your quotes over to her from now on!


Remember to keep an eye out on the forums in the next couple of days or so for an update on our contests!


All the Pink Ink staff would like to wish everyone a happy holidays, and we hope that you all have a great 2006 :)