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The Super Shop Wizard.

The Super Shop Wizard, or SSW, is an enhanced form of the Shop Wizard. The JubJub, instead of searching only portions of the market at once, can search every user-owned shop for an item. This allows a user to find the very cheapest occurrence of the object.

The use is limited - a user will get banned temporarily from the SSW much faster than from the Shop Wizard. Unveiled in September 2005, it is only available for those who sign up for Premium.

Using the Super Shop Wizard[edit]

The Super Shop Wizard functions in much the same way as the standard Shop Wizard: users enter a search term to search for, can set maximum or minimum prices to filter results for, and set whether the object the Wizard is searching for should be identical to the search term or should just contain it. It, too, can choose between searching shops or galleries.

However, the Super Shop Wizard has an additional option. Using Price Check, a user can check the prices of the item they are searching for, unlimitedly, but not see the item's owner's information.

There are some drawbacks compared to the traditional Shop Wizard: in addition to only being able to search a far fewer times before the wizard becomes unusable for a while (until the next hour), Paint Brushes, Map Pieces, Nerkmids and Transmogrification Potions cannot be searched for.