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NeoMails are e-mail messages players can send to each other on Neopets. Users can also receive neomails from the official "theneopetsteam" account regarding contests, warnings, NC Mall transactions, and other important notices. Like NeoBoard messages, neomails allow the use of most font effects and smileys, and all content restrictions laid out by the Terms and Conditions still apply.

The Neomail inbox has a capacity of 100 messages. Once this limit is reached, users cannot receive anymore neomail until they delete some of their messages. While neomails in folders do not count toward the 100 message total, they are automatically deleted after 90 days.

Guild leaders can send a mass-neomail to their guild members once per day.

List of NeoMail Subjects[edit]

Below is a list of pre-made subjects users can choose when sending a NeoMail...

  • Random Chat
  • Neopet Related
  • Blah
  • I'm Bored
  • Wanna Trade?
  • Can you help me?
  • Declaration of War!
  • I'm funny because...
  • Wanna buy some pegs?
  • Meep
  • I'm feeling poor
  • I just need a...
  • Guess what I saw
  • Uggh
  • heh
  • It's my birthday!
  • My shop has...
  • Wanna join my guild?
  • Help!
  • Jurples
  • My Neohome is awesome
  • Pant Devil Strikes!
  • Something has Happened
  • Yar!
  • Would you like some cheese?
  • My guild is nifty
  • A long time ago...
  • Ulch! You have Neezles
  • Bleh
  • Tag! You're IT
  • Battledome Challenge!
  • So, anyway...
  • LOL
  • Just because...
  • The Meepits made me do it!
  • Mr. Insane Smells of Fish.
  • Don't hate me because you ain't me.
  • I hate to mention this, but...
  • Monsters are lurking...
  • A faerie asked me for...
  • Hide me!
  • (current user Neopet) says hi
  • (current user Neopet) is ill :(


To keep track of all a users friends on Neopets, a Neofriend program has been implemented. Users can request to be another users friend at any time, and the other user must accept before they can be called Neofriends. An unlimited number of Neofriends can be had.


VIP Neofriends are those who are specially selected and singled out by the user, who are special in some way to them. Neofriends who are VIP can quickly be selected from the users drop-down menu in the "send to" box in a NeoMail, and from the drop down menu when they are sending an item to them. As of July 19, 2006, up to 50 can be selected.


There is a Diary which can be used from the users NeoMail screen, which can be used to keep track of days, events and happenings. However, messages older than a month disappear from the diary, removing much of its usefulness for storing past events.


NeoGreetings are Neopets-themed E-cards. There are many designs to choose from including birthdays, weddings, seasonal cards, and just random fun messages.


  • There is a free web-based webmail client called NeoMail, but it is in no way related to Neopets "NeoMail."
  • The Neomail Addict avatar is available via random event while sending a Neomail.

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