Gelatinous Non-Cube

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The Gelatinous Non-Cube is a monster similar to an overgrown Blobikins. They first appeared on they site on 30 August 2005. They have appeared in three plots, the Lost Desert Plot, Altador Plot and the Spooky Food Eating Contest.

Plot summaries[edit]

Lost Desert Plot[edit]

Main article: Lost Desert Plot

The Gelatinous non-cube first appeared in the Lost Desert Plot. It was one of the six different traps the player could encounter in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs when entering the wrong door. When the player encountered one of these traps they were locked in to the room for one hour. Players had to encounter one later in order to retrieve the third Useless Crystal.

Altador Plot[edit]

Main article: Altador Plot

A slightly different version appeared in the Altador Plot. Starting 27 April 2006, in conjunction with the Gatherer's constellation clue, the player could enter the Restive Tomb. Inside, they would find a an angry, mummified Gelatinous Non-Cube that was roaming around the tomb. The item Mummy Bandages, needed to help the sick Vaeolus, had to be stolen from it.

Spooky Food Eating Contest[edit]

Main article: Spooky Food Eating Contest

The Gelatinous Non-Cube returns in the Spooky Food Eating Contest. It was one of the combinations in The Perilous Catacombs.