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The Cocos are native to Mystery Island.

The Cocos (sometimes Coconut people or just Coconuts) are one of number of people native to Mystery Island. They are depicted as having coconut endocarps for heads, sometimes painted with face paint, with the germination pores seen on coconuts adapted to act as eyes and mouth. Earlier incarnations of Cocos were shown with short arms and legs sticking out from around the head, although later portrayals show Cocos with no arms and large feet, closely resembling a Coconut Jubjub.

It was most likely the Coco people who killed the Ghost Lupe and his bride.


The Tiki Tour Guide.

Some of the Coco people were shown to worship an island deity known as Mumbo Pango and helped to sacrifice staff members to him as part of the early Sacrificers plot. While it has been suggested that Cocos and other island natives practice cannibalism (in the item description of a stamp, the Mystery Island page, and on related trading cards), some of the Cocos encountered on the Island are friendly, such as the Tiki Tour Guide.

At least some of the Cocos on Mystery Island live in tribes, which are headed by chiefs - including Umma Bunga. Pango Pango, described on the Cooking Pot page as a god, is shown elsewhere as a Coco and described as a chief, suggesting that Cocos may deify their leaders. Otherwise, life within these tribes has not been very well explored.


Something has happened!
You hear mysterious chanting coming from far away!
  • As of October 2008, Cocos have been featured in several pieces of Island Merchandise - such as the Island Lighter, Coconut Keyring, and Official Coconut Mask. They are also featured on a stamp.

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