Winter Starlight Celebration

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The Winter Starlight Celebration is a month long celebration on Terror Mountain during the month of December, and is the winter counterpart of the The Haunted Faire.

While the celebration is ongoing, it links to the Advent Calendar, a list of winter-related games, the Neocash event Stocking Stufftacular, Key Quest, NeoGreetings and the gift tag page. In 2011 Key Quest was removed from the Celebration, and instead replaced with a hibernating Snowager.


Originally when the Snowager went into hibernation, he was able to be visited once every 2 hours (possibility of 12 visits per day). Because of the hibernation, the Snowager would not blast anyone for the whole duration of the month. However TNT later changed the visits, citing it was suppose to be once a day. This led to complaints that it was "pointless", "unfair", and "sudden", considering the Snowager could originally be visited 3 times per day (with a chance of getting blasted and receiving an avatar).


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